Spinning rod

Spinning rod

Spinning reel long throw! (Sports Swing) Blue Sniper 103L Plug Special

Recently, I have been writing about long casts with a bait reel, but this time I would like to change things up and sha...

Junichi Numata (PALMS)! revision

Light shore jigging! You might think that just throwing a metal jig is all you need to do, but the truth is that there ...
Spinning rod

BlueSniper 103L PlugSpecial! Part 3

Recently here ..., I've been practicing plugcasting in Baitrill. The blurring of the plug is subsiding little by...
Spinning rod


In February 2020, the "CAST'IZM" rods were renewed. I was one of the first to jump on the bandwagon and ...
Spinning rod

BlueSniper 103L PlugSpecial!  Part 2

Oh, no! I finally got it! The "BlueSniper 103L PlugSpecial". I found out about it at a fishing show, actually to...
Spinning rod

BlueSniper 103L PlugSpecial!

Finally,"BlueSniper 103L PlugSpecial" will be released in July this year. 19 Blues Sniper 103L PlugSpeci...