Baitcasting Reel

After the maintenance… The Calcutta Conquest DC 201 HG is back in my house!

Thank you very much, Ms. Ono.

“This was my second overhaul at M.T.C.W. (Mototech Custom Works).


(By the way, my first overhaul was “EXSENCE DC (revision)”)

The reel maintenance was done by Daisuke Ono, who also maintains professional reels.

The workmanship is just as good as last time, and I'm impressed with their delicate and precise maintenance.

Upon completion of my personal “break-in”…

Called M.T.C.W. immediately and asked for an overhaul.

What is the power of a Calcutta Conquest that has undergone “break-in” and “M.T.C.W. tuning”?

I’ll touch it first to see if it works…

I was shocked. …. I was amazed at how smooth and fluid the rotation and movement of the handle and spool were.

I am in love with the “M.T.C.W. Tune” overhaul every time.

A brand new (normal) reel that has not been used is not a match for it. …, It’s as if all the performance has been awakened or something… a wonderful change.

My Calcutta Conquest DC 201HG is already… It goes beyond the new reels.

When I operated it and looked at it, (fearless) smiles naturally come up.

(If you’ve been using your bait reel for about half a year, we recommend that you have it overhauled at M.T.C.W.)

(You will surely be surprised by the wonderful change that surpasses the normal reel)

First, I’ll try it with “Normal Spool”, and then test with “Custom Spool”.

I’m kind of looking forward to it and I’m very excited and elated!

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