The “17 Exsense DC” is based on Shimano’s “16 Antales DC”, and is a model specialized for ocean lure fishing (using PE line).

エクスセンス DC[EXSENCE DC] | ベイト(ルアーキャスティング) | リール | 製品情報 | SHIMANO シマノ

The worm shaft was replaced with one for Antares DC in order to use the 22mm MGL spool of Antares DC instead of the 19mm S3D spool of X-Sense DC.

And… 22mm “MGL Spool” for Antares DC is installed.

Replace the handle with Studio Composite RC-DC Plus 92mm R27XL.

Line used: MX4 1.5

The upholstered 4-braid coating line is ideal for baitrilling.

Just by changing the spool to a 22mm wide “MGL spool”, we were able to achieve an outstanding sense of stability (security)…

I used to be able to throw only halfway, but now I can throw with a full swing even into a headwind.

Once you get used to it, there is no need to use P mode, you can always use XP mode.

XP mode using MGL spool (37mm)…so you can get amazing flying distance.