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With the weather finally warming up recently, I was able to throw lures to my heart’s content with the BRIST VENDAVAL 10.1M.

Oh no, it was really cold this winter! Thanks to this, I was not able to do any sport casting training.

The main reason (excuse) is that, at this time of year when even the body is not moving, the act of exposing oneself to the cold wind and performing new swing movements (using the whole body) for long periods of time may hinder one’s physical condition and the movable parts of the body one is exploring….

We trained exclusively indoors, using tools and stretching, with a focus on imagery training.

It is a repetition of a simple and basic task.

(But… It’s no good, because it’s easy to get delusional, out of control, or misunderstood if you don’t actually cast it. ……)

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Well! This is an imprement on the main topic, BRIST VENDAVAL 10.1M.

To be honest, at first I thought it might be weak or unreliable since it is longer than BRIST VENDAVAL 8.9M.

However… when I actually used the lure, my concerns were immediately blown away, and I was impressed and convinced by its solid, trouble-free, and stable long casting performance. The rod is a quintessential fishman rod 

The longer length… improves the long throw performance of the VENDAVAL and makes it easier to use in surf and high footholds!

(For light shore jigging, the long casting performance is as good as spinning! Excellent feel of operation.)

Difference from VENDAVAL 8.9M?

Conclusion first… I have only used VENDAVAL 8.9M, but I was surprised by the perfection and (excellent) performance (quality) of VENDAVAL 10.1M.

―― Here are my honest impressions ――

The 8.9M, used for several years, is a very powerful and easy to use rod that flexes and converges quickly and is non-backlash.

On the other hand, the 10.1M, which I just started using, is long but sharp, has a solid butt section, and a single-foot guide design at the tip for delicate use.


Anglers who are proficient with the 10.1M will be able to fish comfortably in large rivers, surf, and rocky areas using lightweight plugs to big plugs.

Compared to other rods over 10 feet, this rod is not too soft, so the advantages of its long length can be fully utilized.

The rod does not flex unnecessarily large, making it easy to control the rod on the backswing.

If you swing the rod with too much force, the tip will be shaky, but if you swing the rod properly and put the power on the lower part of the butt, you can enjoy a long and exhilarating cast.

(The As a result! the (black) paint on my beloved EXSENCE DC (22mm) MGL spool was scraped off by summing…)

(Perhaps because the power of the VENDAVAL 10.1M spins the spool at an even higher RPM, this is the first time I’ve seen the paint on a manufacturer’s original spool scraped off! (LOL).)

To learn more about the advantages of VENDAVAL 10.1M and to become proficient in its use…

If you can afford it, we recommend that you first purchase a VENDAVAL 8.9M, practice with it, and then purchase a VENDAVAL 10.1M after you have a certain degree of familiarity with it.

Then we will be able to understand the difference between VENDAVAL 10.1M and the other two, and we will be able to selectively handle them better.

It would be difficult to master the VENDAVAL 10.1M from the beginning, and if you just use it as a long rod, you will end up with rods from other companies that you can easily fly, and in the end, you will not find the true appeal until the end... and you will have to let it go. --.

To avoid such a regrettable situation, first practice (train?) baitcasting with the VENDAVAL 8.9M. and learn more about the joys (and pains) of bait tackle before using it.

VENDAVAL 10.1M is not the “common mass-produced model” that is simply an extension of VENDAVAL 8.9M by about a foot.

As you will see when you use it… this rod has been tested and refined with a clear concept.


When you have been swinging various rods for many years, you will understand some of what you are doing. ……

So…although the blanks are similar in nature, the performance (content) is clearly different.

(However… since long casting is essential for salt fishing, the all-rounder VENDAVAL 10.1M will be used more often…)

Therefore, there are few factors that cause the two to be used in the same way, so there is no harm in buying it. I think it is a good idea.

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