Remare 5000DHG

Shimano’s most powerful lever brake reel! Remare 5000DHG.

It is a shame that lure anglers are not yet aware of the great performance of this reel.

Lever brakes are a great weapon in shore jigging and shore plugging.

In the surf, anglers can enjoy the exciting game of dodging big waves and catching big fish, while on the shore, they can enjoy the pull of big fish plunging into rocky roots.

Replacement Parts

Replaced the stock brake lever with a Yumeya 09 BB-X Technium Straight Brake Lever M.

And on the right side handle cap, an Shimano Yumeya Aluminum Reel Stand is attached.

The handle knob was changed to Studio Composite Monocoque Carbon Handle Knob Power Round Shape (size M).

レマーレ 5000DHG(AR-C スプール)

Remare 5000DHG AR-C Spool / Long cast high power model.