Spinning reel long throw! (Sports Swing) Blue Sniper 103L Plug Special

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Recently, I have been writing about long casts with a bait reel, but this time I would like to change things up and share my thoughts on long casts with a spinning reel.

Unlike bait reels, which have many restrictions, spinning reels seldom cause a backlash (a phenomenon in which the reel loosens and the line is released all at once) perm condition once you get used to it, and you can cast with rapid acceleration and sudden stops.

In addition, the rod can be swung over a wider stroke range, which is very advantageous in achieving greater casting distance.

Furthermore, even if the lure stalls (in the middle of… No backlash! It is a reliable tool for night fishing, as it is resistant to trouble.

However…compared to a bait reel, the torque to wind up the reel is weaker, and when using a long shock leader, there is a high possibility of trouble occurring…

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Spinning Reel Long Throwing, Sports Casting

With a swing that’s a little better this time around? I threw my spinning tackle!

The tackle used was.

Rod: BlueSniper 103L PlugSpecial

Reel: Remare 5000DHG

Line: Avani Shore Caster 10×10 Max Power 1.5

Less restrictive than bait reels and easier to throw

Again, the top of the rod is no different than a bait reel rod, but it can make a sharp turn (full bend) at full power until the rod is parallel to the ground and then stop suddenly.

(From there, angle the rod back to a position of about 45 degrees upward)

※ Since it is a short shock leader coming out of the guide, I am a bit concerned about casting the same piece of thin PE line under load every time.

Must kill! Lever Cast

By the way… I “lever cast” by clipping the PE line between the Remare brake lever and my index finger, so the release is automatic and super smooth.

Especially… it is a good throwing method for beginners and women as it is less stressful on the fingers and PE line.

*For more information, please refer to masaya Onuma’s videos on YouTube.

SHIMANO Reel 18 BB-X Remare

Strong against miss-casting.

And…spinning reels can handle plugs stalling in flight, so you can cast light plugs, big plugs, and even big baits without fear of trouble.

It is not like a bait reel, where the worst that can happen is a line break and goodbye to an expensive plug.

Casting begins

It’s been a really long time… so this time I practiced casting with only a 40g metal jig. 

When casting a metal jig with a spinning tackle, there is a method called a “pendulum cast” that can increase the casting distance.

(Of course… bait tackle is also possible, but it may cause trouble when the line becomes loose (due to external factors such as wind).)

It’s been a really long time since I’ve been on a Pendulum cast in the surf, and the beautiful sky and ocean are the perfect setting.

To begin, repeat the compact swing, checking the use of the body.

The rod is strong, making it perfect for “sport casting,” which is what I practice.

After a few swings, I cast, and the metal jig flew away pleasantly.

This is one of the charms of shore jigging, and it doesn’t matter whether you are baiting or spinning.

But… I realized that in order to make convincing casts, it is essential to practice with spinning tackle.

レマーレ 5000DHG(AR-C スプール)

Remare 5000DHG (AR-C Spool)

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