BlueSniper 103L PlugSpecial!

Spinning rod

Finally,”BlueSniper 103L PlugSpecial” will be released in July this year.

BlueSniper(2023年生産終了) | YAMAGA Blanks

It’s been a few months since I learned from the Yamaga staff at the Osaka Fishing Show.

t was originally scheduled to be released in June, but due to various reasons, it was postponed to ……. and it was postponed to June?

2019 NewModel BlueSniper103L PlugSpecial キャスト・解説動画

BlueSniper103L PlugSpecial ロックショア実釣編

The concept of this rod is not only positioned as a light shore jigging model, but also described as a light (finesse) model of the Blue Sniper.

Certainly compared to the light shore jigging rod of normal (other companies)…, clearly …, overwhelmingly …, the bat power is strong.


It is not just hard, but also has softness.

The supple bend characteristic of Yamaga blanks (which follows the load) does not accidentally disturb the swimming motion of the lure, but produces natural movement, resulting in a rod that is gentle to the hook, line and person.


I can stick with it even when I have to deal with a big fish unexpectedly!

Anyway, it is light, bends when casting (despite its tension), and the rod converges extremely fast after casting. (Excellent casting feel!)

Although the BlueSniper 103L PlugSpecia does not use NANO material...

As shown in the video, it has a "light weight, sharp feeling and solid butt power," so they can use it with confidence.

As for the weight of the lures that can be used…

Is the castable weight of a plug and a metal jig the same? You may be wondering why the castable weight of a plug and a metal jig are the same…

But that’s because the bat power is strong and the top is delicate.

Those who thought that even for a moment were worried there! Rest assured.

Yamaga Blanks rods are not too heavy to throw, even at the lure weight limit, as is often the case with other manufacturers. Even if the lure weight is at the limit, it is never too heavy to use.

Capable of casting and manipulating lures of the upper weight limit

A difference in expression? Maybe, but you have to be able to use the lure with the weight indicated in the catalog!

The pricing is also… appropriate, for this performance at this price, I’m fully satisfied! It’s a great product.

I’m planning to use a Daiwa Onaga Monster (No. 4000) lever brake reel to take advantage of the characteristics of Mr. Yamaga’s bendable rod. How would you use it?

I’m really looking forward to next month.

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