A rod with a wonderfully exquisite design concept, capable of casting light lures at great distances… but also capaof handling bluefishble

EARLY for Surf | YAMAGA Blanks

It is a trait that is unmatched in this class and will open up new possibilities depending on the user.

It corresponds to the lightweight lures! It can be used in any field.

To make the rod fully bend and fly farther with a light plug, which was not part of the development concept…

Replaced “Original Stainless Steel SIC Single Foot Guide” #6 with “LRV Titanium Torzite Double Foot Guide” #7.

Replacing the guides will change the look to a harder and sharper one.

One size larger and lighter Thanks to the titanium torseite and LRV guides, there is almost no line contact resistance and line release is excellent! Outstanding flying distance is achieved.

And now that the break-in process is over, it feels as sharp as if I were using a brand new EARLY stock 105MMH/B.