Spinning reel

What is the winding speed of your favorite spinning reel…?

1. (NG) Normal gear?

2. (HG) High gear?

3. (XG) extra high gear?

I once got into XG…

※ For bait reels, even if you are of XG type, you can wrap it in a slow, so don’t worry….

But that’s it…! “Sharpen your own fishing (senses)” …???

“Action (strength, length, length) / range / speed” is important Lure fishing …, is it really good to leave all the “speed” that is one of the important elements to XG (depending)…

Repeat your own thoughts and actual fishing …, a zone that has never been before …, with an approach that has never been before …, if you can get young fishing results with your own style of fishing ….

This is the real thrill of lure fishing! So what?

Sure,the XG is an excellent thing!Great! I think.

In the aim of the blue thing in the boat etc., it might be absolute (overwhelming).


There are certainly fish that cannot be caught by itself (XG).

incidentally… My favorite on Shore (Day) is

NG (Normal Speed Gear) Stella 4000+ Borderless (330HH-TK) casting specification.

Moderate tension and power! Borderless 330HH-TKflies a lure of 20 g or less far away, explores the state in the sea with sensitive spikes, and … Glossy … Operation of the lure with long stroke action (also possible).

on top of… The synergistic effect with the performance of Stella performs best.

Once the fish hits, the long rod sticks, and the haganegia hagane body of no. 4000 wounds up the line strongly and delicately.

If you use it, you can see that it is a sharp decrease in barashi.

The advantages of lightweight telescopic and the portability of the lure are also great.

Well! HG is all-round?I think that it is (safe), butthe goodness of NG is also difficult to throw away.

Today, I found something good with Takuya Heiwa’s lure fishing video!

おしえてPEACE! スペシャルムービー [衝撃ファイト壱岐 PART2 ~ルアー釣り編~]

(Well! Please take a look. )

It’s really fun and I think there are a lot of new discoveries, so if it’s good … Please try it out.

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