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Light shore jigging! You might think that just throwing a metal jig is all you need to do, but the truth is that there is a lot more to it than that.

There are many ways to reel in the fish, including one-pitch jerk, half-pitch jerk, jerky jerk, medium speed retrieve, stop and go (swim and fall), and fast retrieve… etc.

There are many types of metal jigs (lead and tungsten), including swimming, horizontal fall, horizontal jump, and slalom….

(I also use heavy sinking minnows, top water plugs, jig head worms, steel plate vibes, casting tilefish (basically any lure that can fly that is about 10cm in size), etc.)

“Isn’t that all you need?” You mean?

Well, certainly, that may be the case …,

But… So, I dare you! There is a fishing method that I really want to try…


Junichi Numata’s Shore Throw (Jigging)”.

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For reference, I recommend the shore slow jigging videos on YouTube’s Palms official.


(Of course! Shore jigging and light game videos are great too.)

【実釣解説】はじめよう! ライトショアジギング 沼田純一

Mr. Numata, a master of shore jigging (lure fishing), will show you the world of shore slow fishing!


My ideal fishing…

He is one of the few professional anglers who can fishing letting out the line (minus), winding the line (plus), and “controlling” the fish without letting out the line (zero).

I’m sure you’ll find it helpful and it will have a positive impact on your fishing.


Really…Palms’ videos are of high quality, which is why I never get tired of watching them no matter how many times I watch them.

The lure I'm using is "Slow Brat Cast" (Z Light Metal), and although it doesn't have the same distance as lead, it sinks slower due to its light alloy and follows the rod action very well.

In shallow surf and reefs, or when the bite is slow…

As a substitute for top water plugs and minnows when you start fishing…

It can be used as a way to change a deadlocked situation.

(Mr. Numata says that he can slowly and quickly entice the fish by one meter under the water.)

Once you become somewhat proficient, you can use a slow, delicate (and varied) action to entice the fish.

What do you think? I think it’s well worth a try…?

“Slow Blatt Cast Long”

Slow Blatt Cast LONG | PALMS | 株式会社パームス

“Slow Blatt Cast Up!”

Slow Blatt Cast Up | PALMS | 株式会社パームス

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