Bait Reel Casting (Full Swing)!


The issue that I’m most interested in… and doing my best to address!


Learn to make long casts with bait tackle.

Having said that… I didn’t know what to do at first.

It is not easy for an “amateur” to take on a world where the methods are (almost) unproven.

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The Story of Past Golf Swings

Casting (lures) today is similar to golf in the past when there was no solid swing method.

This was a time when golfers as a whole played with no swing theory, just a self-made swing.

It sounds good to say so, but most of the swings would have been unsporting (unrefined) and unique.

So, was the level of golf high at that time?

The answer is NO.


Isn’t it because the basic (applied) methods have been established that people are able to pursue the next stage, “competition,” in depth?

Current casting methods

Currently, lure fishing is at a stage (or situation) where even “casting” is dangerous, and anglers as a whole have not reached a stage where they can deeply enjoy “actual fishing.

In order to enjoy bait fishing to the fullest, a high performance bait reel is first and foremost a prerequisite (a bait reel that cannot fly stably or operate reliably is out of the question), but swing is also a very important factor.

I think the most important thing to learn and acquire this is the awareness of the anglers themselves.

Some anglers? Some anglers still seem to be happy just because someone somewhere flew 100m!

Are you sure you want to spend all your time talking about how you flew or didn’t fly?

First of all, change your mindset. Your fishing world will change if you improve your casting and technique.

When will everyone be able to freely (and easily) enjoy the wonderful world of “baitcasting reels”

Past Swing Theory (Misleading)

I’ve gone off on a tangent, but I’ll get back to it.

In the past, many famous professionals have developed their own theories (explanations), but many of them were partial and vague, instead of making the entire swing theory easy to understand.

What is swing?

One scene (or one place) is important, but it can be accomplished by the movement of the whole.

So… most amateurs will not be able to understand even if a professional (one-sidedly) tells them a partial story.

In order to build a swing, you need to think both in terms of the whole and in terms of the parts.

It's not as simple as just being able to do one thing, and it requires long-term practice.


In recent years, famous professionals have finally started casting lessons! Now’s your chance to get in on the action!

We live in an age where everyone can watch (for free) casting and lesson videos on YouTube and other sites.

Finally, a standard swing theory for lure fishing is about to be established… and all anglers, even amateurs, will understand it.

It would be wonderful if many theories could be presented, scrutinized, weeded out, and changed for the better.

The theory of swinging is broad and deep, and it is difficult and lengthy to explain at any rate.

So… I would like to end by introducing a swing lesson video that I think you can trust.

Videos of lessons by famous professionals (master)

First up is Noriyuki Kamiya, an professional angler who has become a leading expert in baitcasting lesson videos.

At the time, when I was struggling to find information on serious bait reel casting… I can’t tell you how much he saved my life! (And still is…)

さよならバックラッシュ! アンチバックラッシュ・スイング

Next is a casting video of the EXSENSE DC by Shimano’s great Tetsuya Henmi, which I have played over 100 times.

EXSENCE DC × 辺見流キャスティングクリニック~ベイトリールの概念を打ち破る飛距離~

When the second generation of the 17 EXSENSE DC was released, I was very excited.

The swing is compact, but the lure passes over the right side on the backswing. This is the same as my idea (style).

Next is a great lesson video by Yuki Ohno of Daiwa (ima) on casting spinning reels.

【もっと遠くへ もっと正確に 】プロが教えるキャスティング講座【大野ゆうきが解説】PRESENTED by TORAY

He has an exceptional sense of style, which can be seen in his cast.

The “three-quarter swing” is a logical swing.

Mr. Masanori Muraoka, the president of Blue Blue, is another big name.


I was very impressed with his theoretical approach to the swing and his research.

Recently found Shimano (Duel) left and right cast great “Mr. Hideyuki Matsuoka“.

【HOW TO】松岡豪之の飛距離が伸びるキャスティング講座

I agree with his warm-up method and his body-twisting casting.

Mr. Hideyuki Matsuoka is famous for his left-handed throwing with a spinning reel, but I am now practicing left-handed throwing with a bait reel.

Ultimately, make your own decisions and get it done.


In the beginning, you can do what the experts above are saying (and doing), but don’t just take their word for it.

I think it’s a great theory, but the final touches (the secret) are for you to figure out.


Because it’s your swing….

Don't assume that everything a professional says is correct.

That’s right, there are differences in the way each person does things, explains (expresses) things, has different sensibilities, ways of thinking, physique, physical strength, and experience, so it’s only natural that there are differences.

Besides… even the professionals are constantly improving and updating their skills…

Amazon Fishing Tackle & Fishing Equipment

It is very difficult for us amateurs to read and judge professional theories in detail.

But…there are indicators (means) to make decisions.

That compare it to your own experience of fishing and exercise, to how you move your body in other sports, or to already established sports methods.

If you are experienced in sports (baseball, golf, tennis, etc.), you will be able to understand and practice it.

I was also into golf in the past, so I can make some judgments.

(Lately… I’ve been amazed at how much I have in common with the golf swing.)

Wouldn’t you like to use the swing theories of famous professionals as reference material to change your swing?

Well, then…

First of all, watch the video I presented several times and try to incorporate the parts you think are good into your own swing.

And when you've done that... (if you're having trouble...) watch it again and practice.

If you do it repeatedly and faithfully, you will surely definitely improve.


I think it’s great that we keep wishing and thinking. And it is a very strong thing.

What you see (or feel) will be different depending on your level at the time.

If you stumble on your swing during trial and error, it’s no big deal.

Because (your fishing is your fishing) swing theory is still in its infancy, and there is no perfect method anywhere….

Your cast, your swing method… It starts with this: ….

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