Bait Casting Reel Long Cast (Sportscasting) ! Part 5


Applying exercise to casting…the trial and error continues.

In this article, we will continue with the action of the arms following the body.

What is the best way to make your arms lag behind your body like other athletes?

The swing is still in a state of groping and is not yet complete, but I would like to give you my own thoughts (blueprint).

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Specific body actions

So how exactly should you move it?

If your head is full of doubts, it is unlikely that you will be trusted or listened to, so I will explain some things beforehand.

In order to explain it to others, you need to understand the sports swing in depth and selectively, which will have a positive impact on you.

Learning from FISHMAN Noriyuki Kanmiya

Before we get to that, here’s a video of FISHMAN that was just released.

The talk by Noriyuki Kamiya, who is currently a top runner in the field of long distance casting with bait reels, should be very interesting and informative.

I think it will break down the old stereotypes of bait reel casting and make you more flexible in your thinking.


The Fishman CORK150 is a jointed minnow, but it flies really well.

First, change your thinking

It’s not a swing that relies on your hands and arms to begin with, so… Put your conventional thinking to the side for a moment and try to imagine it calmly.

If you swing with your arms in front of your body, you will never get the action of your arms following your body.

Once you understand how to move your upper arm, shoulder, and scapula, you can reflect this in your casting.

In addition to shifting your body weight, you can also use a baseball pitching form… from a completely sideways position to facing the front.

Also, when you turn from the backswing, don’t move your arms first, but move your legs, hips, body and arms in that order.

This is the basis for my current concept of the sports swing, where the arms lag behind the body.

(If you use your arms at the beginning of your forward swing, you are …. You will be wrong: ……. That is the hand throw and the arm throw.)

In a sports swing (just like in any other sport), your dominant arm or hand moves very little in the initial stages! They are just pulled and moved by the movement of the body.

It’s just that… if you only shift your weight, you may feel that your swing has more power, but it’s just a hand or arm throw with added physical power.

This is a method that is common to all modern sports. Unfortunately.... A better way to replace it has not been created.

The habit of casting with your hands and arms can be found in all sorts of places.

The image of the swing is a golf swing.

In my case

In my case, I am thinking of performing a series of movements with the “image of a golf swing.

Of course, I’m also incorporating movements from other sports, but that’s about it for now.

I will explain why it is a golf swing later, but it is an image of a series of movements that are completed in a flowing manner…?

Actual body movement is pitching form

As I mentioned before, when a right-handed pitcher throws a pitch, he swings his right arm wide (backswing) and now begins to shift his weight forward (forearm)... Then, pull the protruding left arm back into the body.

The same is true for casting, where you need to build up strength in your right upper arm and back muscles, make a backswing, shift your weight forward and pull the grip end of your left hand toward your body.

The important thing is

It is not the right hand or right forearm, but the right upper arm, right shoulder and right scapula.


Break away from swinging the rod with the front of the body

First of all… stop the existing kendo-style swing and shift to a sport swing.

It is not enough to fix your arms in front of your body and operate the rod by moving it up and down, and I don’t think you will get the best performance.

And… a swing that uses only the muscles in the front of the body will not, of course, produce the maximum amount of power.

The point is

In sports, it is important to use all the methods (muscles) in your body to swing.

Windup (baseball) pitching

In contrast to the swing where the arms are fixed in front of the body, the sport swing uses the entire body (all muscles) to swing, and also applies force with a lateral movement (twist) where the body turns to the right side and then faces the front.

The reason the pitcher turns his body sideways once and then throws to the catcher is because he is using this force. ( Windup pitching )

The bottom line is that you’re not just casting with your front muscles, you’re throwing with your entire body and even using your body spin.

It’s easy to see which energy is greater and which flies.

Use every muscle in your body to fly your lure at maximum distance without strain!

Cast with body movements used in sports

The image is that you are playing catch with someone.

At that time, I feel like I’m practicing by imagining how to use my body.

At first, you will concentrate only on the movements of your forearms and hands, right?

But what’s really important is

It’s a movement of the upper arms, shoulders, and scapulae, so as you continue to practice, …. And

A baseball pitcher practicing his pitching form with a wet towel will check the whole movement over and over again to master it.

Of course…that includes the movement of the upper arm, shoulder and scapula.

As I mentioned earlier, mastering these movements, which are the core of the sports swing, is trickier than correcting the arms and hands of the branches.

This is because the muscles and bones, which are never dexterous, have spent a lot of time learning the movements of daily life and exercise.

(It’s also your body’s habits, memories, and history.)

But…it is possible to learn it as a second instinct, like a golf lesson.

Second instinct means that the movements you learn in practice will eventually become your natural movements, and you will be able to perform them as a matter of course. (This is a common movement in sports and martial arts…a movement that an athlete acquires through practice.)

I know I sound like a big girl, but I am having so much trouble…. I’m always practicing movements to increase the range of motion of my shoulder blades.

If these three areas are not working well, of course… I’m desperate because I can’t proceed to complete the basic swing and I’m hopeless.

The full bend of the rod is not difficult.

Sorry for the sudden change in subject, but I’d like to end with this:…. I would like to talk a little about the climax of swinging, the full bend.

The other arm should only lightly (not too tightly) touch the grip end.

At the start of the swing, when the load is on the right side (when you get on it), move the grip end down to assist the swing.

The point is…just help the rod change direction. This will make the rod bend fully and easily.

(Never try to dominate the entire swing with your left hand!)

It’s a sensory thing… but it’s like giving a trigger?

Then… your body will react on its own and try to perform the subsequent movements.

The advantage of the sport swing is that it has a deeper backswing...which naturally allows for a longer swing distance and a more powerful full bend in the early stages.

In other words... the full bend of the rod occurs right next to the body or (if you get used to it...) behind it, and there is a lot of distance left for the rod to gently converge (with a stable trajectory).

What do you think? I think there are many advantages…

To be continued next time.

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