Bait Reel Casting (Full Swing)! Part 2


The world of casting (swinging) is so deep that it cannot be fully described in the previous article.

(Do you watch videos of professional lessons? Do you keep watching and studying them?)


When will I be able to get to the heart of swing theory?


It will continue to be a challenge because there is no right answer for everything.

I will continue to practice and image training.

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To improve your swing

Advantages of Videography

In order to know my true swing (as I did when I was passionate about golf…), I film my cast (swing) every time (these days) and check it.

By watching a video of your swing, you can better understand (visually) your shortcomings and strengths.

If you're an advanced user, just watch the video and you'll have a quick solution.

(To be honest… at first I was a little hesitant to watch it because I was afraid of what would happen if the swing was terrible…)

You find flaws and quirks you never thought you’d find, and you’re shocked… Or get angry… Or scolding myself for my inadequacies… It was a great learning experience.

But oh well! In the end, it was a good decision to watch it and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Naturally, the swing has many drawbacks.

I’m not very good at all, but I’m not going to let that stop me!

* In the picture above, you can see many areas that need to be improved.

(What’s the biggest problem? The answer to that question is at the end of this blog! )

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My idea of an ideal full swing

Cast with your whole body.

A twisted (large muscle) body creates power.

Excellent long throw (power and speed) that cannot be obtained by just swinging by hand.

It is even more powerful when it is accompanied by shifting the weight of both feet.

Leap of the dominant arm

If you are throwing right, your right arm is in great motion, if you are throwing left, your left arm is in great motion.

At that time, the elbow position should be high.

This is the same way with pitching form and other sports.

※Lesson Videos to Mr. Noriyuki Uemiya in See also

At that time .... Don't let your arms or rods get too far from your body.

This is because it leads to control errors and loss of power transmission.

The upper arm of the dominant arm is only moved back and forth, as if handling a hammer.

No rolling action added to the swing.

*Lesson Videos Masanori Muraoka and Goyuki MatsuokaSee also.

Body is horizontal, arms and rods are vertical.

The body moves horizontally, but the arms and rod move vertically (three-quarter swing).

A three-quarter trajectory, rather than an overthrow, is the best way to transfer the body's energy to the arms without wasting it.

This is the same as “baseball pitching theory”.

※See Lesson video Mr. Yuki Ohno

The arms follow the body.

Eventually… Ideally, the relaxed arms should move to follow the body.

When doing so, do not grip the rod too tightly, or your arm muscles will stiffen and your arm swing will become slower.

At first

Understand the movement of the body (which is the foundation) first, not the movement of the arms.

At first, everyone gets caught up in the movements of their arms and hands, but later, as they get better, they realize that they are just parts.

The small muscles of the arms and hands cannot generate much power.

To be continued next time.

Answer: The left side is wide open.

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