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Last time I talked about “sports swing”, I ended up in the middle… I am very unwilling to do so again, but I will end it in the middle.

Why? Because “casting” is so deep that it’s impossible to explain everything at once…

On top of that… no one has completely mastered it, and even more so because I’m in the process of updating and learning it myself.

What exists is partial reference material (on the internet), texts, videos… A series of thoughts… Or rather, an ascetic state. There is no end to my quest.

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The goal is a sports swing

Since there is no established basic method at the moment, I am hoping to get to the essence of the swing from a “sports” perspective.

If you think only from other people’s opinions (materials), you will end up with sensory theories that each person has, and in the end you will not be able to formulate your own ideas.


It is better to start thinking in terms of basic body usage with reference to modern sports.

Fortunately, in other sports and martial arts, methods have been established and the idea of using the body efficiently is common, so it is an important guideline for making decisions.

On the other hand, what about existing ideas and doing what you are told? I base my decision on my own experience.

Because of the light rod …

In the past, rods were heavy and had inferior performance, but today’s rods are lighter and have higher performance due to technological advances.

In particular, the emergence of nano blanks in recent years is a surprising technology that fuses contradictory things called (lightness and strength) flexion and tension.

If anyone has a light, high performance rod in their hands without a method, they will certainly use their hands and arms to control it.

Especially when fishing with a lightweight, short rod, the swing tends to be mainly with the arms and hands.

Anglers are supposed to manipulate the rod with their hands and arms! and takes the time to instill such casts into his head and body.

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but if it had been heavy and required a lot of power, things would have been different.

He would have chosen a swing that used his legs and feet to twist his body and squeeze out the power.

Light, short, high performance rods are certainly great, but there is a world out there that cannot be achieved with just those rods.

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Too heavy to wield with one hand, too light to wield with two hands

It is comfortable to cast long distances with a light rod, but it is difficult to learn to cast efficiently using the whole body. I think so.

I have had a similar experience when practicing my golf swing. The golf club is too heavy to swing with one hand, and too light to swing with two hands.

What’s the point? Golf, like fishing, is a sport where you can easily fall into the trap of relying on your hands and arms.


I practiced swinging with my entire body, using heavy practice clubs and thin bats in addition to golf clubs.

It is difficult to gain more swing power by simply swinging a golf club.

Therefore…I think it is necessary to practice casting with heavy and long objects.

No matter how many times you swing with today’s lightweight, high-performance rods, it’s hard to train your swing itself (only to get tired).

In my case, I am training with an (old) long throw rod (No. 5).

Advanced anglers and those who have experience with sillago fishing will understand the significance of practicing casting with a throwing rod.

Turn your body completely to the right.

If you ask a swing master about casting, he or she will simply tell you to move your body from front to side and side to front I guess.

What the hell is that? You may say, “What’s this?” but you’re not wrong.

If you think about your swing more and more every day, you will eventually understand.(I don’t know for sure either, but…)

The sense of mastery is very simple,and I’d like to reach that level if possible.

(The reason why beginners say this and that is because they don’t understand it after all.)

If someone is facing completely to the right, he or she is the closest to a correct swing.

(Although… I may need to study to figure out the details of the casting move…)

That’s how difficult it is to turn your body completely to the right.

A person who can turn his or her body completely to the right.

If I had to name a typical right-facing posture, I would say Shohei Ohtani in baseball.

Everyone knows the superstar…his (left) batting is great, but it’s his powerful and dynamic finish that I’m raving about…after the hit.

I also pay attention to the finish of other (left-handed) professional golfers, the backhand of professional tennis players, etc.

The sight of a professional athlete squeezing his body to the limit and powerfully wielding the tools of the game is moving and beautiful.

※ Note that you don’t have to master the sport, you just need to study and understand the movements for reference.

Why focus on the finish?

This is because I believe that the finish is both the end of the swing and the beginning of the swing in the opposite direction.

Professional, unobtrusive… Natural… Powerful swing posture, unlike an individual’s self-inflicted backswing, no compromise (no waste)! That is to say. It is a necessary (inevitable movement…)

If you swing back without studying (and understanding) the movement of the body, you will end up with an unnatural and meaningless (useless) part of the swing.

The way most anglers have done it up to now is to use their years of experience and knowledge to improve it.

However, I think it is the posture at the end of a sports swing that allows you to skip it and suddenly experience a near-perfect and satisfying backswing.

The only hint I got was…

It was because the finish of my (golf) left swing was somehow very similar to the shape of the top and the movement of my body when casting with a rod.

Took me quite a while to realize that….

I will continue to practice hard to achieve my ideal top and finish.

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