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When I first became interested in bait reels (using PE line) and started using them for saltwater fishing, the performance of bait reels was not very high, and my skills and knowledge (level) were naturally low, so it was a series of difficulties every time.

(In Japan…) Bait reels are mostly used for bass fishing, mainly for technical medium to short range casting games using nylon or fluorocarbon. To achieve sufficient performance in salt lure fishing using PE line, further improvement and evolution was needed.

If you use PE line and try to force the fly, you will get backlash! Backlash even when throwing normally! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to stop using PE line because I couldn’t figure out how it happened, and I was so worried, so angry, and so heartbroken!

In addition, I didn’t know how to cast properly for saltwater (as well as spinning reels), so I was throwing in my own style, and of course… I couldn’t get any distance… I kept getting backlashes… I couldn’t use it in head wind. It was a very bad situation.

Nowadays, reels and rods have evolved to the point where anyone can enjoy fishing with a bait reel. I think this is the best time to start.

But…I still have my own personal complaints, for example…why don’t they make a better (great) bait reel with the current technology?

On the contrary… They are selling bait reels that ignore the theories and laws of physics…

It is a bait casting reel that boasts the best performance and flight distance, and although it is talked about at first, it is not used (cannot be used)by the professionals to which it belongs. Sales will not increase and will eventually disappear.

(They have many years of experience, knowledge, theories, and data.) Why would a major manufacturer, who is a professional bait reel designer, make such a reel? I can’t help but wonder.


The act of sending a user to hell for using his or her own money to purchase an expensive product. To be honest, I’m even angry.

Professionals never argue with manufacturers because their livelihood depends on it, they only praise and affirm the products.

But…there is a clear reason why they don’t use it on location, at conventions, or in private.

Anglers, don’t be fooled by appearances or believe the manufacturer’s advertising claims!

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What I consider to be a good bait reel

What are the (equipment features) of a usable bait reel?

The spool is compact, but it is a "wide and shallow spool" instead of a "narrow and deep spool" which is difficult to control and makes the thread skinny.
And one that is very lightweight and uses blanking. (See the previous article).

It does not allow for detailed brake settings and is easily affected by salt and head wind. Instead of the SVS, which requires a certain level of skill to use.
DC brakes, FTB brake systems, and magnetic brakes.

Ceramic double ball bearings are lightweight, responsive and stable bearings that are resistant to salt and increase reeling power.
(Except for bait finesse)

The best level winder is the "TWS" (only Daiwa is cunning).
It reduces release resistance, increases casting distance, and also reduces backlash.
(Other manufacturers, please do your best)

The “interlocking level winder” is also effective only for medium-sized models that use heavy lures, and the long throwing performance of the Calcutta Conquest 400(modified with a magnetic brake) is particularly impressive.

About Mr. Noriyuki Kanmiya

I apologize for the length of my introduction.

I’m not going to finish my story, so I’ll leave it at this for now and talk about the main topic, Yukinori Kanmiya.

At a time when I was full of such dissatisfaction…

I still remember watching Noriyuki Kanmya’s swing on YouTube.

He was using Abu Garcia’s Big Shooter WM60, and was getting great distance with a dynamic swing that he had never seen before.

上宮則幸 アキタロウキャスト

At the time, I was so fed up with the poor performance of bait reels that I had almost lost the will to use them for salt fishing, when I was struck by a bolt of lightning.

Since then…I have become a big fan of Noriyuki Kanmiya and have been making my own casts based on his casting videos.

There are many theories about fishing with bait reels, but only Noriyuki Kanmiya convinced me about casting and fishing methods in the salt game.

I believe it saved me from my inexperience in casting and fishing with a bait reel, which I was struggling with.

At that time, bait reel casting (in general) was just an extension of bass fishing (even if it was a salt game), and as I was thinking of using it in rough, windy seas, it was just for reference.


Mr. Kanmiya was different from them, and even in bad conditions, he was able to fly unbelievable distances to make the game possible.

BlueBlue TRACY15ℊでマゴチ、ヒラメ

(The sound of the spool spinning is different when I cast! It’s spinning at a frightening rate.)

Finally… the excitement of finding what I was looking for! In the truest sense of the word, this is the beginning of my quest for salt fishing (using bait reels).

After watching his video, I strongly felt that I had to master casting, which is considered the most difficult part.

In order to acquire the cast of the professional level

But specifically, …… How can a person with less experience, casting sense and ability than a professional develop casting skills?

That’s why I’m sticking with sportscasting.

(I’m not trying to win anyone over!)

If you review and study swing from the viewpoint of sports methods, you can improve.

Depending on how you do it, you can acquire high casting power.

If that happens…

Your fishing world will change into a more wonderful one.

First training

The first thing we did was to simply use the tackle (or something similar) and lures that fisherman Noriyuki Kanmiya uses, and train ourselves to imitate his fishing.

I thought that by imitating Mr. Kanmiya’s fishing, I would be able to improve my own fishing, and more importantly, by experiencing and understanding his world of fishing, I would be able to broaden my fishing horizons and make better choices.

If you watch Kanmiya-san’s fishing on YouTube videos, it may look very easy (advanced fishermen do ……).


While paying attention to his filming equipment, he uses a bait reel that no one else can use, and makes long casts repeatedly at night to catch fish.

How about it! Don’t you think it’s amazing?

If you don't think so, try using a jigging reel like the Saltiga BJ and make a full cast at night and you'll see.

He is fishing in a really difficult situation, using tackle that was not designed for casting from the start.

Obviously, I am inferior in skill, and I could try using the same tools, but that would be too much of a hurdle.

So… I’m practicing casting with a bait reel that is easy to handle.

Tackle used

Rod: Wild Breaker 109HM/B (single guide changed to LRV guide)

Reel: Calcutta Conquest DC 201HG (Brake 1 weakest)

Line: Shimano MX4 No.2

Shock Leader: NanoDax 50Lb

Lure: Galvast Long, Set Upper, Monster Hitter, Koske 170F, K2F162, K2F142, ComoMO SF-145 Counter, Feedschalow 155F, etc.

(Compared to Mr. Kanmiya’s reel, this is a very easy to use reel, which is quite embarrassing…)

Even so, it is very difficult to make a middle lure fly at a steady distance without backlash.

I still can’t use my body properly… I’m still at the stage where I can’t fully swing the rod and cast.

So, it’s flying, but in terms of distance… I’m not satisfied with it at all.

My target distance is …… It is not an exaggeration, it is 70m over with room to spare.

Throwing a big plug a long way in a big river or surf. It’s great.

I’m currently modifying my casting form, so I’m taking this as a good opportunity…to continue practicing plug casting at the same time.

Dominate the bait casting reell.

I’ve been practicing for a while now, and I’ve come to understand something…a little bit…a part of me has become convinced.

Mr. Kanmiya is not (a little?) like other bait anglers different.

While most anglers use bait reels for regular casting, Kanmiya-san uses them in the “beyond” realm.

In short …

Instead of using a bait reel by default, you are Controlled the bait reel.

Therefore, fishing can be established even if the bait reel which is not for casting is used.

Overpower input

A power (load) greater than the general input is added to the bait reel (input) and the spool of the bait reel is forcibly rotated.

That pushes up the “basic performance” of poorly responsive spools.

If you can increase the rotation speed, the reel will show higher performance than before. ( Pseudo-high performance )

(*However, it is very difficult to reduce the backlash and put out a flight distance that can withstand real fishing with a bait reel that is not for cast!)

Bate Samurai

Eventually, this action will bring about a change in the bait reel (mechanical part), and the “flying distance”, “response”, and “stability” will increase.

And so the sharpened bait reel (blade) is used again in his swing…

Mr. Kanmiya’s baitcasting “virtuous cycle” begins.

He was able to do it because he was the only one who was willing to go his own way.

It’s a true “bait way” and “bait samurai“.

Trained Bait casting reel


Not only has the response and flying distance been improved, but it can also handle lures that are lighter than the manufacturer’s expected value, in other words, it has turned into a super bait reel.

This means that the basic performance of the reel itself has been forcibly increased, and is completely different from the normal reel.

Mr. Kanmiya’s act of “casting the lure with strong force“, in other words, is the same as “casting a heavy lure“.

In terms of applying a strong load to the bait reel…!

This is where my theory of “breaking in”, the situation of throwing a heavy lure, crosses over.

The overwhelmingly strong input has a wonderful effect and influence on the bait reel.

(But… If you do it too much, it will break!)

Break out of your shell.

It’s really frustrating that I can’t put it into words, but…

Bait casting reel is…

If you use it more “aggressively”, you will be able to improve even more…that’s what I mean.

(When you can use a bait reel to some extent…).

Try to break out of your shell and step into the world beyond.

You’ll be able to do things that other anglers say are impossible.

I think kanmiya-san understands (familiarity) that in his experience.

He freely uses a bait reel that he has trained with his own experience and skills.

I think that’s what it means to “control the bait reel”.

I’m sorry if I’m talking too sensitively, but now I feel like… I’d be happy if what I’m trying to say could be conveyed to you.

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