Bait Casting Reel Long Cast (Sportscasting) ! Part 4


I’ve improved my swing better than before, but I feel a little muscle aches with training with tools and actual cast practice.

It’s a very tough menu for uncles who lack exercise, but I’m really happy with the improvement tips (flashes) I actually noticed!

I still have some discomfort in my right shoulder and right scapula. (This is a sign that my body is telling me something is different!)

The repetition of video analysis and training taken video is very good because it is easy to understand the shortcomings, progress, trends, habits, etc.

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Application of linkage movements in sports

Now, after the importance of swinging without opening the sides (left for right-handed throwers), the importance of the shoulders and shoulder blades, the importance of turning the chest upwards, and the importance of posture, the element that I consider the most important in sports swinging is…

It is a series of movements of the entire body, including the arms.

When the right-hander throws, swing the right arm wide (backswing to top) and this time start moving forward (fore-de-step) weight transfer, and attracts the protruding left arm to the body.

The same movement can be seen in the serve of tennis and volleyball, and it can be understood that this connection is important in sports.

Pitching and casting are similar.

At first glance it seems unrelated to casting (I did too), but the backswing squeezes the muscles on the dominant arm side, accumulates strength and moves the weight forward, and attracts the opposite arm to the body.

how is it?

Don’t you think it’s similar somewhere? If you think about it carefully, it’s basically the same movement.

I was practicing casting, and my thoughts gradually turned in that direction.

If we apply this powerful movement to casting, we can get tremendous casting power, don't you think?

Wouldn’t it be exciting to think so? When I came up with it … I was very excited!

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How can we reflect this in our casting?

The question is, how do you incorporate it into your swing?

(Well! However, the details are different, so proper tuning will be necessary …)

That is the most difficult, and it is a groping state by repeating trial and error every time.

Nobody knows the right way to do it, so every day I watch the videos I shoot, move my body, train and think about it.

Arms lagging behind the body

A very important and indispensable element in the linkage movement is the action of the body moving strongly and the arms following a little later.

When observing the movement of professional athletes and athletes, it is executed as much as you can say without fail.

They create a state in which their arms follow their bodies, that is … they delay their arms and explode their power and speed.

Beginners and people who are not good at sports … can’t do that, and they end up exercising by relying on their arms and hands.

Cast a delayed arm swing that no one else was doing.

I was thinking about the delay in arm movement relative to the body, which is common in sports, and I realized…!

In the world of fishing, no one casts with their arm lagging behind their body. That’s the kind of thing that…

Common sense movement in sports that use the body effectively … But for some reason it is not done in fishing ( long cast ).

Even sillaginoid fishing, where long casting is essential (close to sports casting), spins when casting … but the arms are always forward and never lag.


Because there was no precedent? Whether it’s baseball or tennis, golf or javelin throwing, your arms are delayed against your body …

In Kendo, the arm is always in front of the body, and the arm precedes and attacks, but I think this is because the purpose is clearly different.

There is an opponent …, suppressing useless movement as much as possible … Because I drive it quickly, the speed of the bamboo sword and the reflection speed of the body are asked, and the maximum power is not necessary so much? (The battle of the master might be different …)

If you just want the maximum distance, swinging with a large, loose backswing and lagging arms is better..., which has been demonstrated in many competitions.

We believe that sports that are repeated with maximum power are different in the first place.

* However, both of them require instantaneous power, which is one of the most important factors.

Aim for a swing that delays the arm

Now… One of my goals is to It is the acquisition of sports swing with the arm delayed with respect to the body..

As I practiced daily to improve my sports swing, I began to have strong doubts about such swings as “open sides,” “arms forward,” “swing relying on arms and hands,” and “rattling finish after long cast.

Nowadays … In the age of lure casting, where even basic methods do not exist, it is natural that there are many different colors.


It’s no surprise that some people don’t agree with sports casting, and more importantly, I’m in the middle of my own search, so it’s frustrating that I can’t respond to all of the questions about what’s right… but I’m going for the “sports swing.

Lately, my arms have been lagging a bit behind my body .

It’s just… My body hasn’t caught up with the adjustments yet, so it’s not smooth, it’s not as strong, it’s not as dynamic, it’s not as clean form, and if you don’t know me, you might wonder what I’m doing. But now… I’m okay with this.

It may be unsightly in a state far from completion, but no one has a completed swing from the beginning.

Sports swing practice continues.

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