Bait Reel Casting (Full Swing)! Part 3/Casting Summary


As before… (aiming for the ideal method), I will discuss “long casting with a bait reel”.

In case you were wondering… The picture above is my left throw when I started taking videos.

I’m a little embarrassed to say this, but in order to remember my fundamental shortcomings, I’m going to disclose my past inadequate swings.

The swing is …

Once you know the method, you can do the same thing on both sides.

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Grip the reel with three fingers.

In my case, I hold the bait reel with three fingers.

For those who throw with the right, we recommend the “Three Finger Grip” (left-handed bait reel) for a stable hold.

If the handle is on the dominant hand side, the space for gripping is limited…and you cannot hold it deeply.


If you are throwing with your left hand (because the handle is on the left side), throw with one finger and then switch to three fingers on the right hand.

It’s very, very troublesome.

Well! But... if my finger accidentally touches the handle during a full swing (while holding it with three fingers)... it's no use, because the reel will break (the clutch will engage).

If a right-handed thrower uses a right-handed reel, the same thing will happen.

If you have a handle on the left side, you can grip it as you like, whether it’s one-finger, two-finger, or three-finger.

Do you think you need to change the way you hold your tackle every time you cast a lure dozens or hundreds of times?

I’ll change the subject…

Baitcasting reels are structurally heavier on the handle side.

So... swinging the heavy side down, like handling a hammer, is physically more suitable.

(No one swings a hammer with the lighter side down when they want to get a bigger blow, right?)

My three-fingered grip is…

The index finger is an extended style. (Three-fingered two-fingered grip?)

The reason for this is that if you grip it tightly with three fingers, extra force will be applied and the operation and sensitivity will be dulled.

If a big fish hits out of nowhere, you can react quickly and control the fish by letting the line out depending on the situation.

There is still a lot of debate about how to hold the reel, and I have no intention of denying other people’s opinions or fighting with them.

However, in long casts, the wrist (snap) is used, but not to generate power, but more as a joint.

Using the smallest muscles in your body to fly far? That’s just not possible in a sporting sense.

Increase the distance of the approach run.

Compared to spinning reels, bait casts have a shorter (narrower) forward swing stroke, so you need to get enough distance on the backswing.

When I cast with a spinning reel, I can swing the rod to the point where it is parallel to the ground, but when I cast with a bait reel, it’s about 45 degrees, and I can’t swing at full power until the end…

If you make the same cast as with a spinning reel, the sudden acceleration and stop will cause an immediate backlash.

When casting long distances with bait, you need to make the backward swinging motion (by twisting your body) as large and long as possible.

By taking a large backswing, the rod can accelerate steadily.

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Push with your dominant hand

In my case, I never hold the reel in a tight grip.

Since it is a forward swing (movement), I don’t think it is necessary to hold strongly from all directions.

That’s enough to swing the rod powerfully.

The important thing is

It is the transmission of power (torque) toward the front of the swing (the target).

Maximum movement of the dominant hand, minimum movement of the opposite hand

The dominant hand makes a big leap, but the movement of the hand on the opposite end of the grip is minimal.

The conflicting movements of the two hands may seem contradictory at first glance! However… this is the most efficient and powerful way to move the rod.

In short

Move the top of the rod in a large and effective manner.

On the other hand…if the grip side moves too much (unnecessarily), you will not be able to exert the power that you have built up in your whole body.

-  postscript  -

As some of you may have noticed, the left and right throws used in the (past) title image do not do so!

That’s why there is no power in the swing.

※ I used to be a “hand thrower”, so I still have some bad habits here and there.

I’m sorry, but this time, please understand.

How will the initial swing change from this point on? Look forward to it! 

Attract the rod (grip end)?

It is true that there is a movement in the swing that pulls on the grip end, but it is just a “frame” in a series of movements (called the swing).

Even if you are casting with your entire body, if you are obsessed with the act of pulling on the grip end, your entire swing will be out of balance.

As I have said repeatedly since last time, the swing is accomplished by the whole movement.

As has already been pointed out in the world of “sport casting,” casting with an emphasis (or exaggeration) on the pulling action of the grip end is nonsense.


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