Bait Casting Reel Long Cast (Sportscasting) ! Part 2


Lately, I’ve been thinking that sports and casting may have more in many common than you might think.

I want to improve my casting as much as possible!” When I started thinking about this, I had no such idea.

But now, …… I believe that whether you are casting, batting, or golfing, it is still an exercise that uses your body efficiently and the basics are the same.

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What is a swing with the body?

There are many explanations of the swing that claim to be long and cast, but the method itself has not been established, so most people’s swings are self-directed, individualistic, and vary in expression.

Even though I am deeply familiar with fishing, I have not thoroughly studied the body movements of the sport, so when I look at it as a sport swing, there are many patterns that are not consistent as a whole.

You explain that you swing with your entire body, but…

Actually… It was an arm throw/hand throw with the added power of the body! Very few people throw with the power of their entire body.

Well! It’s not surprising, since no theory has been established, but mistakes (including mine)? Illusion? Misconceptions? It seems to me that there are a lot of mistakes, illusions, and misunderstandings swirling around.

I’m sure I’ll eventually settle on a simple method (form), but I’m still in the trial and error stage, and I’m still struggling every day.

What is a swing where the whole body is not being used?

I will explain what I think are the characteristics of a swing that does not use the entire body.

This is an action that is never done in other sports that use both hands, and is basically never done in professional games or competitions.

As seen in slow motion replays of sports…. What are the basic things that everyone is told not to do when they are just starting out (early) in a sport…?

Swing with open sides

Yes, that is the “swing with open sides”.I’m sure you’ve all been warned (or pointed out) this in the past, haven’t you?

In baseball batting, golf swinging, tennis backhand, boxing straight (punch), etc., not a single player has their arms open from the start of the movement through impact.

Why shouldn’t the sides be open?

If the sides are open, it will interfere with control and make it difficult to transmit power…

Furthermore… The reason is that your arms and hands alone cannot accelerate or power up and you will lose on impact.

There is no impact (shock) in casting (if I had to say, maybe release?).

In long distance throwing, many right-handed throwers have their left arm wide open and left-handed throwers have their right arm wide open during the back swing, forward swing and release.

The reason being…

Since you can’t link your body to your arms and hands, you are essentially manipulating the rod with just your hands and arms, which causes your arms to move away from your torso and your swing to open up.

(This is the same for other sports that use tools and players are prone to? (One of the thoughts (actions))

I also suffer from this shortcoming (a bad habit I have had for many years), and if I am not careful, I end up moving the rod away from my side and sticking it out.

Then, even if you generate power with your body, it will only be transmitted to the rod to a certain extent… (What a waste.)

※ It is important to note that even if you force yourself to swing with your arms closed, if your arms and body are not properly coordinated, you will only feel a strong sense of discomfort and no real effect will be achieved.

However, the sense of incongruity is a hint to improve (great) 

However… discomfort is a (great) hint for improvement!

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The left arm is the (steering) handle of the swing.

And by the way? One more arm-related thing…

For a right-handed person, the left arm is like a handle that guides the swing.

It’s not the main (engine) of the swing, but I think it’s an important supporting role that shapes the swing.

The left arm is essential in maximizing the power of the right side and controlling the swing.


As you can see from the photo above (past), my current (my) swing is also somewhat awkward due to immature rod turns and arm rotations.

ベイトリール遠投 左右投げ! #Shorts

The sides are also wide open… but at the same time, there are some unintended good signs…

I’m in the process of exploring how to use my body in a dynamic and powerful way… I know I’m full of flaws, and I’m not very good at it, but please understand.

If you put too much emphasis on the appearance and the swing itself ends up being half-baked and small, you’ll be doing yourself a disservice!

I’m sure I’ll be able to show you some convincing images and videos soon… but I need more time!

As I deal with the discomfort in my body on a daily basis, I continue to study body action (so that I can eliminate it).

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