Yuki Inoue (JUMPRIZE)!


In an aim to further improve the cast, I check the net & YouTube every day.

So…I thought I had already read through most of the pro and amateur “casts” and “commentaries”.

But… in the midst of all this, I found a video that had a distinctly strong impact and personality!

That was… Yuki Inoue’s cast commentary video.

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Yuki Inoue’s Cast Video



What’s missing from your swing

I’ll be honest… I don’t really like Inoue’s cast or his fighting style. So maybe I’ve been subconsciously avoiding him until now? I’m sorry.

But this time, it’s …… Watch the video carefully: …… Think about it: …… Try to organize it: …… Then it taught me something important about casting.

The lecture was… I really appreciated it because it talked about a lot of things I wanted to know.

What causes the plug to disrupt the flight attitude and not fly?

Prticularly helpful was, "Why does the plug stall or shake and not give me any distance?"

The posture of the plug is disturbed during the backswing, which causes all sorts of problems.

I myself have been struggling with this for a long time, so I was thrilled to have finally found (part of) the answer.

(There was no video clearly mentioning the reason why the flight posture of the plug was disturbed or stalled …)

(In the past, Mr. Kanmiya talked about this in a video, but it wasn’t particularly in-depth or specific, just a nuanced explanation.)

In the backswing, which is done to build momentum, the plug is already turned sideways and ….. The posture is disturbed.

In addition… it has a non-linear forward swing, so the plug is sideways and receives wind resistance, and it cannot accelerate sufficiently, causing it to stall and disrupt its flight attitude!

I see… that’s why I was losing my flight attitude and stalling and backlashing!

There were many reasons I could come up with from my experience… Honestly, I’m honestly convinced.

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Is the backswing useless?

According to YUki Inoue…

He sey backswing (swinging with recoil) will only disrupt the lure’s posture and cause it to stall.

It may sound a little rough, but there isa reason.

The back swing to cast the lure with increased momentum is ruined if it disturbs the lure’s posture.

If you can stabilize the lure’s posture and swing it forward powerfully, it is ideal for casting.

It was very interesting and helpful for me, as I have not been able to swing straight vertically.

But…is it really the right answer for bait casting, where the forward swing stroke is limited?

In case you were wondering...

A shaky rod due to inexperienced swinging also disturbs the flying posture of the lure.

When the movement of the body (axis) is disturbed, the rod also shakes.

Even if the advice is useful, you may not believe your ears..

A very straightforward vertical swing, quite different from the distant horizontal swing that is my habit.

In contrast to my slow swing, his fast swing is hard to see even in slow motion.

It’s just…

If I practiced that swing with a bait reel, I would immediately get a backlash.

It’s good for medicine… and good for poison!Such an intense swing is dangerous for us amateurs to imitate. You need to be very careful.

In fact, the impression of his swing was so strong that I almost backlashed when I was casting (with a bait reel) with that image.

In my case, I would like to refer to it as a remedy for my swing, rather than imitating it.

The only thing we have in common

If there is one thing that my swing and Mr. Inoue’s swings have in common, it is that when the rod turns forward in the forward swing, there is an action that causes the body to jump upward.

Thanks to Inoue’s video, I realized that this is a naturally occurring movement when a fully bent rod is swung forward vigorously.

To give you a simple example, when a judo player throws an opponent in one-arm shoulder throw, both of his legs are extended, and when a power hitter plays golf, both of his legs are extended at the moment of impact.

I didn't know why, and I was a little embarrassed until now, thinking it was just a bad habit caused by my immaturity, but now I finally understand why it happened.

Good~! I’ll be able to throw without worrying about it from now on.

Not everything is right.

It was so different from my own swing (which is not surprising, since it is Yuki Inoue’s swing…), so he taught me something valuable.

I don’t think that all of what Mr. Inoue is saying is correct, but I feel that there is still much to learn.

Yes, it is. But… I still have questions.

To give you an example…

I wondered if his swing was too much for his upper body (especially his arms) to cast a large, heavy lure.

 When I rewatched the film later, I found that at the end of the film, he said, "The bigger the lure, the more it changes the way you throw it. (I'll correct that.)

Isn't it difficult to transfer torque (power) to the lure because of the speed-oriented swing?

He is a former athlete and advocates a sporting swing, but in some respects...(I'm sure most of you do...)It's not done that?

I think… (not an established casting method) the anti-sport part of modern lure fishing.

I’ll tell you more about that next time…

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