SILENT ASSASSIN 140F! (Lipless version)

Masaya Onuma posts videos on YouTube (on a regular basis).

“Onuman’s Sea Bass School” Onuman ch.


In it, there was a video that talked about Shimano’s classic lure of yesteryear, the SILENT ASSASSIN 140F(S).

サイレントアサシン 140F/140S ジェットブースト[EXSENCE SILENT ASSASSIN 140F/140S JETBOOST] | ミノー | ショアソルトルアー(シーバス) | ルアー | 製品情報 | SHIMANO シマノ
ミノーでは届かなかったエリアを直撃!サイレントアサシン 140に新色が追加!

It was very refreshing to see Mr. Konuma using Shimano lures, and I watched him with great interest…

Silent Assassin 140F(S)’s statement that it flies further if you break the lip….

“This is the funniest thing!” .

“This is a great distance to fly!” …

“It flies like a metal jig, so…”

“The distance is unbelievable! It is.”

I see… but how does the important “lure action” change

I thought about it for a while, but… I’m sure it’ll be fine with Mr. Onuman’s approval. (Quickly) I tried!

(SILENT ASSASSIN 140f lipless version & wedge 120s)

(It’s very hard to tell, but the black lures are both “matte black pink.)

(The original color of the Wedge 120S was ACC0016 Matte Pink.)

Mr. Onuman’s highly recommended secret color “Black Pink”.


(The secret of black color! The more slippery the sea bass, the more they bite on black color! Onuman’s Seabass School)

If you have a “matte pink” or “matte black” lure, you can paint it with just one spray!

Be careful…just paint or leave the belly and you’re done!

* DUO’s “Beach Walker Wedge 120S” has an outstanding flying distance and almost no disturbance in its flying posture! And it swims well! It is a wonderful lure.

Two new “matte black pink” type “amazing flying lures” have been added.

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