Lure painting? That’s very interesting.

Well! It’s an amateur additive paint job, but… But that’s the fun of it!

(Someday, I’d like to do some real painting with an airbrush.)

Again, I found a plug that had the “Matte Chartreuse Konoshiro” color in the lineup, so I painted it to make it look like “Matte Lime Chartreuse Konoshiro“.

The lure I chose was the Tackle House “FEED.SHALLOW155F“.


Matte chartreuse konoshiro was sold in the past as a… limited edition color.

There was also a limited edition color called “SA Black” that I bought.

The reason is that I wanted to use Masaya Onuma’s original color “Black Pink” as a matte color….

It took me a while, but…

(It’s hard to see the pink on my stomach, but it’s like “matte lime chartreuse” and “matte black pink”.)

It doesn’t look so good in the picture, but the “matte black pink” looks better than I imagined and looks like it will catch fish!

I think I’ll add the clear FEED.SHALLOW155F PLUS to this lure and throw it at the edge of the waves at night…

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