The “KONOSHIRO PENCIL 185F” is a big plug sold by Shimano.

エクスセンス コノシロペンシル 185F[XL-T18T] | トップウォーター | ショアソルトルアー(シーバス) | ルアー | 製品情報 | SHIMANO シマノ

The prototype is the famous “OCEA PENCIL” lure, but the weight has been increased by 10g and a rattle has been added to appeal to sea bass with sound.

I’ve always been a fan of the OCEA PENCIL, so I got a reaction bite right away.

I liked the color “Matte Chart” the best.

This matte chart color (KONOSHIRO PENCIL) was also used in the Megabass “MEGADOG” limited edition color “Do Chart Konoshiro“.

Whenever I see this kind of color, I get the urge to paint it like “Lime Chart Konoshiro,” a color that was a big hit for Daiwa (Masaya Onuma).

But… What I would like to see is a “matte lime chart” with no gloss.

At last… I couldn’t control my desire… I tried painting it in my amateur way.

(It’s kind of a matte lime Chart Konoshiro.)

I don’t have one, but if you own an airbrush and are good with it, you can get a nice finish.

The black of the belly will be especially easy to paint….

Well, well. This time, I compromised with an amateur paint job.

I made a small mistake and got it dirty, but I’ll try it out in practice.

PALMS has posted a video on how to do (professional) canned spray painting.


(I wish it was up sooner, but I’ll use it as a reference.)

This will allow you to paint the black belly of the Matte Lime Chart konoshiro a little more decently.

I also found out that if I apply matte white before applying the lime on the back, the color will be better.  Thank you!

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