EARLY for Surf 105MMH/B (LRV Guide Specification)! Part 2

Bait rod

I used “EARLY for Surf 105MMH/B” (LRV guide specification) for the first time last time.

Since I bought the (normal rod), the number of full swings has gradually increased…

And then… suddenly, the break-in process was over.

Yahoo! Shopping
Yahoo! Shopping
Yahoo! Shopping

I replaced the guide with an LRV guide and…

The new one had the original "Stainless Steel (SIC Ring) Single Foot Guide" (size: #6) installed, and it flexed and felt soft there.

When I replaced the guide with a "titanium (torzeite ring) LRV double foot guide" (size: #7), it felt very sharp and had the feel of a stiff rod...


This is… Rather than handling light plugs, this is a rod for sea bass, light shore jigging and surfing, right?

For a moment, the words “failure? came to my mind, but…

No, it is not. It’s new and hasn’t broken in yet, and it’s probably stiffer thanks to the lightweight double-foot guides.

You can use it as is, but the rod is a little too stiff.

So why is a hard rod not a good idea?

The reason is that if the blank doesn't follow the action of the light plug in a straightforward (flexible) manner, control and reeling will be adversely affected.

It is necessary to use the rod for a while in order to get it to the actual condition that the manufacturer envisions.

Based on my past experience (to save time), I started casting with a 50g metal jig, which was the full limit.

The fact that the guides are one size largermay have had an effect, but oh well! It’s flying.

It is a little hard to understand in the image,

(Other than plugs) The line is very much reduced.

Use line MX4 1.5

After two days of throwing (full casts), I felt a change in the rod…


This rod… Was it really this soft?

For some reason, the grip end (the end of the rod) also feels thinner than before.

With just a light shake, it has a nice, supple flex.

An increasing number of all-purpose rods!


Rods these days…

It can be cast long distance, has power, and can be used with light plugs... A single rod can be used in a wide range (all-round).

I feel that the number of rods with this kind of concept is gradually increasing.

For instance…


ワールドシャウラ[WORLD SHAULA] | ワールドシャウラ | フリースタイル | ロッド | 製品情報 | SHIMANO シマノ

This is WORLD SHAULA only LRV guide, systematic special with DC brake!


In The Case of Yamaga Blanks, there are “Blue Current All RANGE“, “Early Fore Surf 105MMH/B“, “Blues Sniper 103L“, etc.

BlueCurrent TZ/NANO | YAMAGA Blanks

“BlueCurrent 85/TZ NANO All-Range” was a big hit.

This is the one that can do everything for light games.

“BlueCurrent 93/TZ NANO All-Range” is a long casting and power-up type.

Further improved long throwing performance and power!

EARLY for Surf | YAMAGA Blanks

Catch bluefish too! Super long throw lure rod.

It corresponds to the lightweight lures! It can be used in any field.

ページが見つかりませんでした |

Finesse rod for bluefish, using lures of about 40g

There are many rods being sold one after another, so I’m sure you will find one you like.

Why replace single foot guides with LRV guides (double foot)?

So why did I decide to replace the guides on my versatile EARLYSurf 105MMH/B with LRV guides?

It is… When I used this rod for the first time, it was because it was indeed a power rod that could handle light plugs, yet it had a very light weight due to the characteristics of Yamaga Blanks.

At that moment, hunch…

I felt that the EARLY for Surf 105MMH/B would bring out the best of the EXCSENSE DC (Revision).

Fishman's "VENDABAL 101M" is also excellent, but I found the "EARLY 105MMH/B", which is 100g lighter than the VENDABAL, to be more suitable for light game.

I repeat…

I consider the Early For surf 105MMH/B to be an indispensable piece of lure fishing in a wide range of areas, taking advantage of the characteristics of my EXSENSE DC (modified) (Exsense tuned brake unit) and ZILLION TW HD (double ball bearing specification).

It really is a rod that allows you to enjoy the full appeal of a 1500 class bait reel (with a 36mm (37mm) spool).

I still haven’t completely overcome the shortcoming of the plug’s flight attitude disturbance.

If it’s a metal jig or any other lure, it will fly away without any problem…it’s really frustrating.

How much does a long cast of a light plug really require a perfect swing? It is a daily process of trial and error.

Amazon Fishing Tackle & Fishing Equipment

Advantages of DC brakes


Is it better for beginners who are just starting plug casting to rely on DC brakes (at first)? I think so.

Why DC brakes are good?

The DC brake, which works intermittently from 0 to 1 to 0 to 1, is more effective in stabilizing the unstable behavior of the plug than the magnetic brake, which works smoothly from start to finish.

Is it easy to modify the behavior because the on/off cycle is repeated at a high speed that humans cannot imagine, and the plug is pulled from behind?

This may sound like an outlandish opinion, but...

I've been throwing plugs with the first generation ANTARES DC since I started using bait reels in the ocean... and I had a feeling about it.

Otherwise, there is no way someone who has just started using a bait reel can throw a minnow properly.

Of course, there was some rebound, but it was a normal throw.

I think I’m finally going to find what seems to be the answer to something I’ve been vaguely thinking about for a long time.

This is just my personal opinion, but I believe it has such an effect.

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