The strongest bait rod?

Last year’s story…,

Shimano’s “World Shaula” is a super rod loved by YouTuber K, who is known for “buying expensive tools…”.

Is that the effect? Gradually… Gradually… I got interested and (as if whispered by the devil) bought it on impulse…

The model is ” WORLD SHAULA 17114R-2″(DC Systematic Special).

This rod is the longest model of the World Schaura (bait rod) and was made with the idea of matching with DC brakes.

I set up an EXSENCE DC(modified) (MGL spool + PE 1.5, 200m) and tried throwing a 30g metal jig first.

At first… “Is this what it looks like? The distance was the same as usual.

Next, I tried swinging a little harder; the 30g jig clearly flew farther than usual.

I don’t recall a model equipped with a Shimano DC brake (at my usual fishing spot…) flying that far, so… I was surprised!

Because it’s only 8 feet, but it’s only 8 feet and the lure flies like that!

(Really, the distance is comparable to other companies’ 10-foot class or more)

Do blanks really make that much of a difference?

(This has been a mystery to me for a long time, but when I saw Hajime Murata talking about it on the Shimano stage at the Fishing Festival 2020, I was finally convinced.)


I’m not a follower of Motoi Murata, but this rod is truly amazing.

By the way, the recent Hajime Murata seems to have changed a little from before.

I think I used to have more of a head-in-the-sand opinion…

Is it because he is very close to the general anglers (consumers) through the DMM online salon, SNS, and his own store management, and is constantly catching (updating) information?

Frustration with manufacturers who only make small bait reels these days.

The slow rewind speed of the newly introduced Calcutta Conquest DC200 HG!

If you sell XG, you'll sell more...

Bait rods are evolving, so bait reels should evolve too.

I was a little surprised to find that many of the topics linked to my thoughts.

Even if it’s his strategy, it’s OK if he can convey (reflect) the angler’s opinion straight to the industry.

Oops! I’ve gotten off topic. Let’s get back to the “WORLD SHAULA 17114R-2”.

Ultra-light weight, high power, high sensitivity, excellent casting distance and high lure response due to regular taper

The blanks bent well, but converged quickly.... The whole thing was very crisp.

Able to handle light lures to metal jigs over 1 ounce, and even big baits!

There is such a thing…

In short, if you have one, you can use a light lure here, a long cast of a metal jig there, and a big bait here, depending on the situation.

(It is also good that the guide is a large LRV guide (#7) and is designed not to interfere with FG knots!)

That’s right! The pinnacle of fishing rods, created by Shimano and Hajime Murata.

(Super multi-purpose rods packed with the latest technology)

The new World Shaula 1832R-2 Multi-Purpose Long Stroke Custom (8.3-foot model) also has a lure support weight range of 7-30 grams… What? It can also be used for king salmon…?

(The World Shaula seems to have been developed to handle up to twice the weight of the lures listed, so it’s possible!)

How thoroughly you are committed to fishing in the field.

I can almost hear the producer saying, "You never know what will happen in fishing, so if this rod doesn't work here and now, it's no good!

(Will it catch on with wading (including river sea bass) and versatility sea bass anglers first?)

And I heard that more long rods are scheduled to be released in the fall and spring….


At this point in time (including new products at fishing festivals), is there really any bait rod in the 8-foot range (for bass or ocean) that can beat these two (models)?

That’s how much more complete (comprehensive power) it is compared to other bait rods.

The only drawback is the short length, which makes me want to scream, “Why are you 8 feet long?

from now on…

If World Shaula’s 9- to 10-foot series were to be sold one after another – wouldn’t that be a huge threat to other companies?

Well! As an amateur, I welcome it, and more and more… salt bait fishing will be interesting from now on.

Aaah! I’m so excited.

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