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Suddenly, which of “ANTARES DC“, “EXENSE DC“, or “ANTARES DC MD” are you using? Or which one do you think is better?

By the way I own…, ANTARES DC and ANTARES DC MD, and EXSENSE DC.

(All with left handle, using PE line only)

Originally… Antares DC (series) is designed to perform best using nylon or fluorocarbon, so…. You can also use PE….

Personally, I don’t think I’ve reached the perfect setting yet!

Among them, the one that was developed with a focus on PE is the “EXCENSE DC”.

エクスセンス DC[EXSENCE DC] | ベイト(ルアーキャスティング) | リール | 製品情報 | SHIMANO シマノ

However, I could not get used to the spool width (19mm) which is narrower than 22mm.

(22mm, too! (To tell you the truth, it’s far from ideal…))

(Totally…what is it? Shimano’s “spool 22mm (19mm) rule”?)

– Why narrow spools are unsuitable –

Certainly, the initial movement (start of movement) of the spool will be better, and the level winder will pass better... (... That's all!)

The narrower the spool, the greater the moment of inertia and the greater the increase or decrease in thread height (pseudo small diameter spool).

Therefore...control is difficult because the state of the yarn changes rapidly and is not always stable.

In terms of distance, the length of the thread that can be released per revolution is decreasing, even though the thread is still rotating at a high speed until the end, which adversely affects the distance in the latter half.

Because of the high rotation speed, the lure is very sensitive to changes in behavior in the air, making it very difficult to summon when it lands on the water.

Furthermore... the speed of the lure is significantly reduced at the beginning of the reel from the landing point.

That being said…Hajime Murata was also against the spool of the EXSENSE DC at first!

Well, yeah. The reason I still used it was because there were no other reels (in this class) that were any better. ….

Except for the narrow spool and level winder…I think Shimano is wonderful.

The 19mm wide spool of the EXSENSE DC (or even the 22mm wide spool…?) is difficult to control (there are many problems) and the amount of thread taken up is small….

Let’s take care of this guy first, but first…

By the way…

Do you think that the spools of the three models have the same performance (the same thing) just because they have different standards?

In fact, the Antares DC is the only one that uses the lightweight, high-performance MGL spool.

(Long live the lightweight, high-performance blanking spool!)

All three models are S3D spools, but the other two are not MGL spools.

In order to easily see the change in performance, I installed an Antares DC (PE line) with an Excess DC brake unit.

You can see the difference from other brake units by the words “EXCENSE Tune.

With this… Will it have the effect I’m looking for? No? You can check that.

The result…

To my surprise, the peaky feeling of “ANTARES DC” disappeared and was replaced by a very mild sensation.

One of the most notable features is the low landing shock!

If it was only a 37mm wide and 22mm wide spool, there would have been quite a bit of landing shock. …… That’s another advantage of the MGL spool and DC brake.

If the wind is blowing follow or no wind, you can make a full cast in P mode 1 or 2 (the weakest).

However, since the XP MODE is unique among DC brakes, you should be aware that it can cause backlash in unexpected places.

(Usually P MODE is enough, but if you get used to it … XP MODE is also fully usable! )

※ Currently I am using XP MODE 4.

K’s Fishing Channel also has a video of me trying ANTARES DC and ANTARES DC MD by swapping the brake units….

Very timely! And I learned a lot from it. (Thank you)

For some reason, I was relieved to know that there were other people who were thinking the same way, and in addition to that…. I felt a sense of relief that I might not be wrong.

OK, this will work!… So, I replaced the worm shaft of the EXSENCE DC with a worm shaft for the ANTARES DC.

Then, I changed the spool to Antares DC’s “MGL Spool“…

The amount of thread winding is limited to 200m (not 100%) for the 1.5, leaving room on the spool for further stability and improved performance.

I wrapped a long shock leader around the empty space.

It looks like a (black) ANTARES DC XG LEFT (EXSENCE Tune Brake unit) with salt water OK specifications.

The feeling of using it is not bad…. Now I just have to get used to it with practice.

I think ANTARES DC’s (well-balanced, high quality) “MGL Spool” is the right choice for this body.

Later on….

Excellent casting distance and stability…it made throwing medium-sized minnows a lot more fun.

(The plug can be used with P-mode 2.e )

And… I found that the EXSENCE DC (modified) is also ideal for night fishing.

– sequence of events –

Good cast => maximum DC brake sound => DC brake sound gradually decreases => then light water landing shock => stop spool (rotation) immediately at that point.

You can’t see it with your eyes… but you can hear it with your ears. Once you get used to it, after the cast… you can close your eyes.

And more… When a fish hits, the sound of the drag echoes to aid in the exchange. ….

It really is a “sound assisted bait reel”.

As a side note, the CALCUTTA CONQUEST DC200 201 spools are also specially designed “MGL spools.

Of course, seawater is fine, but unfortunately, only low gear HG is available.

SHIMANO, please sell a high-geared (XG) saltwater model equipped with an Exsence Tune brake unit specifically designed for PE line. (eagerly awaiting)

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