Bait casting reels in saltwater!

Baitcasting Reel

This time, I changed my mind a bit. This time, we changed things up and practiced with different tackle.

Tackle used

(Main applications: Iso-maru, light shore jigging, surfing, Iso-hira, etc.)

Rod: Ballistic Bait 103MH NANO

Reels: ZILLION TW HD (1520XHL)

Line: MX4 (No.1.5)

Lure: Metal Jig (30g)

I’ve been using it a lot lately…



MX4 (No.3)

Metal Jig 60g

It used to be a powerful combination. …… So light tackle! is light.

(Because the load of operation is drastically reduced, it is an illusion… It feels like light tackle.)


Spool to HLC Spool 1516 (G1 duralumin) …, Bearing (IXA ceramic ball) …, oil to MTCW …, etc.

Except for the lack of a hole in the spool, there should be no complaints at all about the functions and specifications…

The flight distance is disappointing…

Nothing compares to the Calcutta Conquest 401 with PE #3 (60g metal jig)!

Hmm! Even though it is the latest technology ZILLION TW HD…

Why is that? (Of course, the performance of the tackle itself is different, but) the flight is weak and slender.

If you compare it with spinning reels…

It’s like doing light shore jigging with a 2500 reel…?

(Is it because I’ve experienced the world of the Calcutta Conquest 401, which is usually over 100 meters?)

It may not be a problem at all when fishing for bass, but when you’re fishing in the vast ocean (open space), it feels very unreliable. (It’s just not enough.)

For a long time now, I’ve had a vague feeling of discomfort.

One of them is that the spool is too small in diameter to be used in the sea.

The overall compactness and lightness of this product seems good, but… is it really! Will it be more than enough to fight against large fish and nature (wind and waves in rough seas)?

originally… Reels that have developed for the purpose of using bass fishing, so there may be no way …,

(In the freshwater area …, a super skilled cast and operation of medium to short distances, aimed only at specific fish species)

(I think the bass game is certainly great…, but you can’t possibly understand all the fishing that uses a bait reel!)

(As a result of the development of such a system, bait reels in the sea ended up being very strange (distorted)...)

“Daiwa Z” and “T3 Air” are innovative reels that were born about ten years ago.

(The people who made it are genius class, amazing)


Why? Since then, development (evolution) has been slow…

The fact that it is still being sold in the market speaks volumes about the abnormality of the situation.


What (or who) prevented it from evolving?

It’s not too late to start….

I would like to see the new “Daiwa Z” saltwater models (spool diameters of about 38mm and 40mm?I would like to see the new “Daiwa Z” saltwater versions (spool diameters of about 38mm and 40mm?) should be sold in the series.

(I want to use TWS, Mag Shield, ATD, Hyper Digigear (G1 duralumin), metal body (machine cut), blanking shallow spool (G1 duralumin), etc... I want to use something awesome!)

I believe that the great (and valuable) uses of bait reels are definitely not just within the scope of the current common sense.

In fact, …. Bass fishing is very specific and therefore very specific and biased among all bait reel fishing. ….

It’s just… Just that many people use it for bass fishing…

So, just because you've been using a bait reel for bass fishing for a long time, doesn't mean you know everything about fishing with other bait reels (and that's just for bass fishing)! I think.

Because…even now, the bait reel, an “unfinished tool,” and the “technology” of fishing continue to evolve day by day–.

Even now, bait reels are not the best match for saltwater fishing,

Not today’s “bass reels can be used in the ocean” but ……!

It’s about time…

Isn’t it time to create a bait casting reel that specializes in the saltwater game with people who are not trapped in conventional (past) bass fishing thinking?

I am sure that the technology cultivated there will be fed back to the bait reels for bass and show us new developments.

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