Ceramic double ball bearings!

Baitcasting Reel

One of my favorite and most trusted bait reel bearings is the…

IXA ceramic double ball bearings.

In a YouTube video the other day….

K.T.F “Caril” had released a video showing that the innovative ball bearing is finally here.

Yahoo! Shopping
Yahoo! Shopping
Yahoo! Shopping

Ceramic Double Ball Bearing

KTF ダブルボールベアリング のアドバンテージ Double ball bearing

It’s called a “ceramic double ball bearing” and it’s fantastic.

Advantages over conventional bearings

So what’s so great about it?

The biggest feature (sales point) is that it overturns the conventional wisdom of bearings…

Reduction of “initial torque” and “rotational resistance”.

Normally with a single bearing, when the spool makes one revolution, the bearing also makes one revolution, but it doesn't make one revolution because the other bearing is also spinning.

In short, the "rotational resistance" is reduced... and the response is overwhelmingly improved and the maximum distance is increased.

Two bearings rotate to reel in the lure for smoother reeling.

It reduces weight and sluggishness when reeling in, which is advantageous for fishing for a long time.

And... In a fight with a fish, you can reel in more powerfully than ever before.

In addition, the load is distributed, so durability is increased.

Just by attaching it to a regular reel (spool), the spool will become lighter and the reel will feel more powerful. In other words, the performance of the bait reel will be (dramatically) improved.

Mounted on bait reels (DAIWA speed and shaft)

It comes with an O-ring that acts as a spacer.

STEEZ SV TW + KTF Versatile Finesse Spool + Ceramic Double Ball Bearings

For Versatile Finesse Fishing!

High gear model with high precision machine-cut air metal housing and maximum winding length of 75cm.

STEEZ A TW + KTF Neo Spool + Ceramic Double Ball Bearing

Sturdy body, great for use in the ocean.

High gear model with super high rigidity and high precision super metal housing and maximum winding length of 86cm.

ZILLION TW HD + HLC1516 Spool + Ceramic Double Ball Bearing


My impressions of the product

As expected, the 1033 and 1133 ceramic double ball bearings were the best match for the 1500 ZILLION TW HD, and their performance change was significant.

I've been using a combination of ZILLION and HLC spools (1514 and 1516) for many years, and the feeling of operation is completely different.

(By the way, it’s already installed on both the 1514 and 1516 spools!)

RCS ベイトキャスティング HLCスプール│SLP WORKS

High performance wide shallow spool made of lightweight and highly rigid G1 duralumin.

Wide and shallow spool that flies well.

(PE1.5 No. 200m) Wide and shallow spool that flies well

It’s really light and it’s like using a bait reel with a spool diameter of 34mm or less.

(That’s amazing.” How far can the HLC spool spin?” It’s like.)

This is truly amazing! Anyone can see the difference just by using it.

(Oh my god, ZILLION TW HD…)

The change in the performance of the HLC spool has made it possible to handle not only heavy lures such as jigs and vibrations, but also lighter plugs.

Thanks to the double ball bearing, the original performance that the speed shaft had is now available.

All I can think about is…

To tell the truth!

I wanted to install this on the Magforce spools for the TATULA 300 and ZILLION TW HD…. I think this is an absolutely necessary technology/feature for both models.

Because it would be great if the distance of the MAG Force spool with its high anti-backlash performance could be further increased...


With the current frame of the bait reel, the size of the receptacle for the ball bearing is 11mm, and there is only 6mm of space for a 5mm (spool) shaft, making it impossible to manufacture.

So, unfortunately.... I couldn't install it due to lack of compatible bearings. (Tears).

Manufacturers, don’t you need larger bearings (and receptacles) of 12mm to 13mm size (on the handle side) for these new medium to large (power) bait reels?

Mr. Sawamura was talking only about the premise of using a small bait reel…

I think this technology is most effective on large bait reels.

The large and heavy spool turns easily, increases the flying distance, and the fall and rewind are smooth.

This is why it is ideal for stone sea bream fishing, long-distance basket fishing, and jigging.

In the future…I would like to see it used in a variety of bait reels.

The appearance of products using new technologies is always exciting and thrilling.

What’s next to be announced? I’m really looking forward to it!

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