Ceramic double ball bearings! Part 2

Baitcasting Reel

Continuing from the previous article, we will now introduce “Ceramic Double Ball Bearings”.

Today we just cast on and on.

Let me say it first from the conclusion.

It’s true that the distance has increased to some extent, but that’s not the main point (advantage).

However... the ceramic double ball bearings have improved the basic rotation performance of the spool, so that line insertion and removal during casting, reeling and falling is extremely smooth and precise.       

Casting is now more stable and reeling is more stable.

It’s true that the distance has increased to some extent, but that’s not the main point (advantage).

Conventional bearings did not wind neatly and I was worried about reeling them in, especially when night fishing, but now I can throw and reel them in perfectly even with light plugs (even on high footholds in strong winds).

It’s an inconspicuous but very important and indispensable improvement in function (performance)…

After using this “ceramic double ball bearing,” I suddenly remembered what I used to say.

The bait reel is an “unfinished tool”.

It may come as a surprise to you, but bait reels are still a tool that I am not very good at throwing and reeling properly.

On the other hand, what about spinning reels? It’s already almost complete, and anyone can throw and reel it properly.

This was one of the biggest problems with bait reels, but with the recent remarkable advances in bait reels, I had forgotten all about it. ….

A bait reel that relies on the user’s (skill) for imperfect functions.


The skill of the person using it makes a big difference.

However, the “Ceramic Double Ball Bearing” greatly improves this aspect as well..

Example 1, "slug jerk", which bait reels are not good at.

But... if it's just a gentle slug jerk, it will reel in beautifully (together with the high gear and high performance lightweight spool).

The drop performance has also been improved to provide a gentle... You can use a technique called "slug jerk and fall."

If this performance continues to develop, we may be able to use bait reels for "eging" in the future.

Example 2: If you throw a lure that is lighter than the optimal weight for comfortable casting, the distance may drop drastically, but with ceramic double ball bearings, the distance will drop gradually.

This is a natural phenomenon, but with conventional bearings, when the optimum casting weight is lost, the flying distance drops drastically.

This also proves that the ceramic double ball bearings improve the basic rotational performance.

New Advantages

One more step… Thin PE line can be used.

PE No. 1, which was not an option in ZILLION until now, can now be used.

Taut, four-strand braided coated line is ideal for bait reels!

If you use double ball bearings, you can use light line and lightweight plugs normally with Zillion TW HD (HLC spool).

Wide shallow long casting spool.

(PE1.5, 200m) Wide shallow long distance spool.

While practicing, I caught a nice sized Scomberomorus niphonius!

Hit Lure: Jigpara Surf 40g #53クリアピンク 

With the increased reeling capacity and power (and since it was combined with the VENDAVAL 8.9M), I felt as if I was catching small fish.

In fact, …. With this new tackle, I was able to experience the game against the fish.

The challenge (test) of using ceramic double ball bearings continues.

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