Ceramic double ball bearings! Part 3

Baitcasting Reel

The more I use it… IXA “Ceramic Double Ball Bearing” is great.

Is this a…

Something that was perceived by both manufacturers and users as a special combination for throwing heavy objects farther is …….


Because the ZILLION TW HD (+1514 HLC spool)…… is ?

Both the manufacturer and the user side were recognized as a special combination of throwing heavy objects in the distance…

I used to use it for light shore jigging as well…!

(No one would ever think of full cast a light plug with this setup: ……) .

Just by installing the IXA ceramic double ball bearings, the basic performance of the ZILLION TW HD has been further improved to be able to handle “light plugs”…

ZILLION TW HD transforms into an “all-purpose reel”! I’m so glad I did.

As far as I know, it is the most powerful bait reel with 36mm spool.

(I can handle all standard lure fishing with ease!)

(Don’t call it a bait reel for heavy lures anymore!)

The drastically improved “rotating performance” makes the casting, reeling, and falling of the line more precise, and also provides an excellent “anti-backlash effect.

What a surprise! Even when throwing a light plug (12g) with a full swing in a headwind, there was no backlash! Amazing change in performance… I don’t feel a bit of anxiety when using it.

(By the way… I used to use a brake dial of “6 to 5”, but due to improved performance, I can now use a brake dial of “4”.)

Note: (When casting a light plug, squeeze the mechanical brake a little and adjust the mechanical brake until the plug’s flight attitude is stable (and it flies…).

(This is not the so-called “zero position” when casting other lures.)

(For plug casting, pull the plug backward a little (I imagine). This way, you can make a full cast with ease (and stability).

And new discoveries…

The distance between the metal jig and the plug was getting choked.

In fact, the use of “ceramic double ball bearings” has made the lure fly better than ever before, but ….

Plugs fly without complaint, but metal jigs don’t seem to fly very well. That’s what I feel.

The reason for this is that the factors that previously impaired the flying distance of plugs have been greatly improved, bringing the flying distance of plugs closer to their original distance, and as a result, the difference between the flying distance of plugs and metal jigs has been reduced.

(We have raised the performance of bait reels that previously could not fly light plugs that far due to inferior bearing performance.)


Of course…it was only because the other parts had evolved that we were able to accomplish this…

Isn’t it too convenient to think that such a rapid improvement in performance is only due to the effect of “ceramic double ball bearings”?

(Maybe the “speed shaft” played a part, and the double ball bearings made it possible to get even more performance out of it?)

I've come to believe that the best way to take advantage of the Speed Shaft is with the Ceramic Double Ball Bearing. I'm beginning to think so.

One more step…to become a real tool (bait reel), important functions have been improved.

So it’s not just the gears that make for smooth winding!

Well, that’s enough about the ZILLION TW HD for now… Next, a little about the STEEZ A TW…


The “STEEZ A TW” customized with parts from KTF (Yukihiro Sawamura) also looked great.

The distance and performance (response) that had been given up with the normal STEEZ A TW has been greatly improved thanks to the Neo Spool and ceramic double ball bearings.

(using 0.8PE) Lightweight plug… Realizes long casts without backlash even in a headwind.

(The brake dial is "4" just like the ZILLION, the winding is perfect, and the fine thread seems to be sticking to the spool.)

The rod is a Beams CRAWLA 8.3L+, a tackle setting that makes it easy to handle light plugs and aim for unexpectedly large fish.

(It’s a perfect match )

The reeling power of the STEEZ has also been increased (thanks to the bearings), so it seems to work well with bigger fish.

I was casting about by the light of a street lamp, and before I knew it, a gallery had gathered….

Why? …Recently, as I cast, I’ve noticed an increase in the number of spectators and people who seem to want to talk to me.

(Some of them even complimented the cast… thank you.)

But I digress…

The “Ceramic Double Ball Bearing” (1133) is so popular that it is currently not available online due to lack of stock (at Caril).

(1033 is in stock)

I had hoped that Noriyuki Kamiya and Daisuke Yamada of Fishman and many others would use it and report on its appeal, but… Too bad.

(Oh, no! That was a close one. It was a good thing I had a reaction bite.)

We are hoping for an early resale of ceramic double ball bearings (1133).

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