EARLY for Surf 105MMH/B (LRV Guide Specification)

Bait rod

It’s finally done~!

EARLY for Surf 105MMH/Bait Model with LRV guide specifications.

EARLY for Surf | YAMAGA Blanks

Also suitable for bluefish! Can be used all-round, not just in the surf.

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Why we changed to LRV Guide?

Reel: Exsense DC

Spool:22mmMGL Spool

Line: Shimano MX4 1.5

Brakes:XP Mode 4


(This is the longest distance recorded in EXSENSE DC (Revision) to date!) ) .

(Example: Coarman IP26 (single hook specification), over 100 meters with room to spare!)

※ Of course, there is no inconvenience in using it as recommended by the manufacturer.

It’s just that… what I wanted to do was a little different, and I needed to replace it with the “LRV Guide”!

To put it simply… I want to throw plugs as light as Fishman’s rods, fully vented and head wind! That’s what I mean.

With the LRV guide, even if you throw a light plug, the FG knot will stay clean until the end.

Mr. Akatsuka is wonderful!

Let me digress for a moment…

Mr. Akatsuka is a great rod builder.

The single-foot version of the Fishman rod does not allow the line to interfere with the guides even when the rod is bent completely to throw a light plug.

If a lightweight plug is fully bent and cast with a rod that is not made based on such a design concept (single foot specification), it will cause line interference and at the same time disturb the flight posture (behavior) of the plug, resulting in the risk of backlash…

How to solve line interference with guides during casting

So what can you do about the problem of the line interfering with the guides when casting?

I dealt with this by replacing all the single foot of the rod with (Fuji Industries) LRV guides.

In the past . . all the rods that I replaced with LRV guides could be casted without any trouble.

(It also reduces the contact resistance of the line to the guide, which naturally...increases the distance!)

The more I use it, the more wonderful it is.

You can throw a lightweight plug as much as you want, to any point you want…

Mr. Yamaga’s blanks are great enough to make that happen.

It can also be used for “SSJ“, which is very popular nowadays.

But unfortunately… (With my inadequate cast…).

I was casting a light plug with “EARLY 105MMH/B” fully vented, when the line interfered with the guides and backlash occurred.

I tried it for several days in a row, but I still get a lot of backlash.

( Incidence 100%)

This is… Do I have to replace the “LRV Guide”?

(Blank is so good, but… I mean, what a waste!)

I had a lot of trouble with it, but in the end I replaced it with the LRV Guide.

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Normally, when a big fish hits on tackle that can handle light plugs, it’s good-bye… but…

The “EARLY for Surf 105MMH/B” is not like that.

This guy also has the bat power to handle bluefish.

It may be due to the fishing boom, but…

An amazing bait rod that disappeared from the Internet within two days of its release.

EARLY for Surf 105MMH/B (LRV guide specification)

I would like to carefully examine its capabilities.

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