CAST’IZM 18-345 (Kai) Bait Specification!

Bait rod

Previously, I wrote about the CAST’IZM 25-385 bait specification.

It was a bait rod with an unbeatable flying distance, and it gave me a flying experience that I had never experienced before.

This is the second installment of the series.

We are talking about the CAST’IZM 18-345 (modified) bait specification (11.5 feet).

The lightest rod in the CAST’IZM lineup, and the most versatile rod in the CAST’IZM lineup that made its developer, Mr. Seikai Murakoshi, say, “I can’t let go of it

This time, I installed Fuji Kogyo’s LRV guide (SIC ring) and RV guide (torzite ring) to make it a bait rod.

It is generally intended for use with lure weights of 40g or more.

(If it weighs less than 30 grams, you can use the World Shaula (including the long model for fall) and you’ll be fine!)

The reel to be used was the CALCUTTA CONQUEST DC201. The HG reel was delayed in arrival, so we tested it with the normal gear.

Well! As far as flying is concerned, it doesn’t change at all (it would have been great if the MGL spool was wider than 25mm), but reeling it in…well, my left hand is going to get sore muscles.

PE is Shimano MX4 No.2 200m, (spacer is MX4 No.4) shock leader is Nanodax 35lb

(Not the usual training ground, but full of squid ink!) ) .

My ideal distance is 200 meters…I’d be happy if all the line came out…oh well.

Compact swing cast as I’m still getting used to using tools.

Once I got used to it, I tried full casts, headwinds, tailwinds, crosswinds, and winds in between (while adjusting the brakes).

Now, my first impression was, “So-so?”

The wind was blowing against us, but…

Well, yes. It will go toe-to-toe with light shore jigging rods, surf rods, and flounder rods (and other spinning tackle).

It is between a casting rod and a lure rod, and is a little softer than Fishman’s BRISTMARINO10.6MH.

It’s just…

It has more casting power than lure rods, so it is more resistant to headwinds and less likely to backlash a bait reel.

(Longer and stronger than normal bait rods, it shoots lures with a power that is impossible with lure rods, and flies metal jigs like cutting through the wind.) 

I remember Noriyuki Kanmiya of Fishman once said, “To avoid backlash in agenst, you have to swing full!

Well, baitcasting rods are super interesting.

I’m having so much fun, I can’t stop! In the end, I kept casting until nightfall. (I’m such a casting fool!)

Just like any other sport, this is a “tool”, so it is important to know its performance and use it well…in other words, practice is necessary.

That’s why there is nothing more I can say right now.

(I’ll do my best to report well!)

※ In actual use, we will probably use 250m of PE No. 1.5 (spacer No. 3) because the spool width is 22mm and the amount of thread winding is not enough…?

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