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I finally bought the BRIST VENDAVAL 10.1M

Many testers, including Mr. Akatsuka of Fishman use this rod frequently on location.

The best all-around rod from Fishman, capable of fishing surf, rockfish and sea bass, and also capable of flying distance

The VENDAVAL 10.1M is also very active in the live streaming of Noriyuki Kanmiya’s YouTube channel!

Yahoo! Shopping
Yahoo! Shopping
Yahoo! Shopping

The new face of Fishman, VENDAVAL 10.1M

Fishman was famous for its VENDAVAL 8.9M, but now I feel that the VENDAVAL 10.1M is becoming the face of the company.

Long-awaited long version of VENDAVAL 8.9M, of course for long casting! Useful for fishing in surf, dodging waves and roots in reefs

My first Fishman rod.

The first fishman rod I ever bought was a VENDAVAL 8.9M, and I clearly remember thinking that it was a very strong rod.

I was inexperienced at the time, so I guess the combination with Daiwa Z made it feel even harder.

Ideal for swing training

Then I was amazed to see a lesson video of Mr. Noriyuki Kanmiya throwing light plugs with a full cast on ZILLION TW HD!

As soon as I started practicing casting, I was able to handle a really light lure without backlash. I was even more surprised!

I was also casting a 40g metal jig in the surf, and when I finally finished breaking in the rod…? The VENDAVAL 8.9M was very flexible!

This was the moment when my image of the VENDAVAL 8.9M changed drastically and it became an ordinary seabass rod.

(I’m using PE line 1.5 now, and it feels very good to cast normally.)

The VENDAVAL 8.9M is still indispensable to me.

Same standard model Early For Surf 105MMH/B

The second VENDAVAL has arrived at our house, and the Early For surf 105MMH/B LRV guide specification, which is the same standard and lighter, will be used in lighter situations than the VENDAVAL 10.1M.

After using both of them, I would like to make the best use of the VENDAVAL 10.1M, which has a tougher bat.

Good tools nurture people.

Unlike other companies’ rods, which are designed so that anyone can fly them (with a little effort), Fishman’s rods do not allow anglers who cannot really fly them to do so.

So it’s good! I mean… The rod grows the angler’s (swing).

(Rod tells you that you still have no power to fly and are immature!)

And… A good tool that you have overcome and become accustomed to using will allow you to move up another gear in difficult real-world fishing situations.

On the other hand, if a rod is designed to fly easily, throwing it at full power will give the same or lesser results (poor rod balance) and no further performance.

Unparalleled Single Foot Guide.

Mr. Akatsuka is an excellent rod builder, and his rods are trouble-free, not only with double-foot guides but also with single-foot guides.

The rod’s balance will not be affected even when you make a full swing with your entire body, allowing you to cast with confidence.

Even with a high-end bait rod from a very famous manufacturer, if you swing a light plug at full power (more than the manufacturer expects?), the single-foot guide will interfere with the line.

That’s why… I use LRV guides and customize them.

In my case…I use my whole body for sports swinging…so I can’t use a rod that causes line interference when I cast at full power. If the rod is not built sturdily and has a strong butt, the power will escape and the swing power will not be fully utilized.

The weight of the rod is tolerable to a certain extent! What I want now is not a toy for children to play with, but a real tool for professionals and experts to use.

(For now, I’ll try it with the EXSENCE DC (modified) 22mm MGL spool)

ベイトリール遠投 スポーツ・キャスティング 其の肆

Bait casting Reel Long Throw / Sports Casting Part 4


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