Runner Exceed 103H!

Bait rod

Lately, I’ve been practicing throwing “big plugs” in the fishing harbor at night.

What I’ve learned (or newly realized) while throwing is that for big plug casting, a rod that can handle a 100g plug or jig with room to spare and can make a full cast is ideal.

I mean…

It needs to have power equal to or greater than that of rock fishing or medium-sized bluefish (10kg class) rods, below which it is impossible to throw large plugs freely.

A rod with a regular action is preferable so that you can easily manipulate the plug.

(However… if you use a more powerful rod or a rod dedicated to jigs, the rod will be too strong and hard, making it unsuitable. I think so.)

Full cast a big plug~! And then manipulate it as you wish and catch a big fish.

Use the power of the rod (and reel) to pull the fish in from the current or structure.

Rivers, surf, rocky shores… the places are different, but the truth is… what we do is very similar.

When I applied that principle, I found one rod that fit the bill perfectly. It is the Ripple Fisher Runner Exceed 103H (bait spec).

The spinning version is Ripple fisher masterpiece rod that has been sold in active use for almost 10 years now.

RunnerExceed / Blue Runner | リップルフィッシャー

What a surprise!

In the old days, Ripplefisher used to make bait rods to order.

So, this is a genuine Ripplefisher bait rod.

Jigs are 130g, plugs are 90g (actually 100g is OK), and the guides are ocean guides for large diameter bait rods… This is also just right.

The perfect length of 10.3 feet creates a sharp swing and a sense of control.

As it is, just by brushing up the rod with the current technology and making it lighter, it would be a great big bait rod with a high degree of perfection.

*Currently, Ripplefisher is planning to develop a “big bait rod”. (That’s for sure!)

Finally…for sure, my “big plugging (long casting) game” (including casting techniques, rods, line, reels and lures) is coming to fruition.

The last problem is… “Grappler 301HG.”

Now all we need is a “high performance custom spool” and the Grappler will transform from a jigging reel to a “serious casting reel”. …… The best and strongest 300 will be born, and all the tools should be there. ….

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