In February 2020, the “CAST’IZM” rods were renewed.

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I was one of the first to jump on the bandwagon and use it when it was first released in 2007.

Unfortunately, it was not a good lure rod at that time, and I finally gave up using it, but I was surprised when I saw the specs of the third generation CAST’IZM!

HVF nano blanks, X45, titanium guides, V-joints… And it is 100g lighter than other casting rods.

The thought and effort that went into the continued series (fishing) and the evolution of technology (tools) is amazing.

(Naturally, it can also be used for lure fishing).

Of course it was made by! Daiwa and the great Mr. Seikai Murakoshi.

When I saw the PV, I was convinced that it was complete and usable.


Mr. Murakoshi assured me that the CAST’IZM 18-345 is a rod that I cannot do without, as it combines the best parts of a throwing rod and a lure rod.

『キャスティズム』18-345 PV撮影の裏側完全公開

I can’t take it any longer… I immediately went to the internet store and snapped up “No. 18-345-R”!

This is also in the same category as the “Borderless” and “World Shaula” rods (freestyle in Shimano’s case), and is my favorite genre.

I mean…

It is an excellent rod that can handle a wide range of situations with one rod.

It can be used to cast big plugs (big baits), which are very popular right now, without losing its power!

I can’t even throw it a short distance with a weak cast.

(It can also be used for bait fishing.) You can use a sturdy rod to throw it for maximum distance….

Furthermore, when casting a metal jig, there is no need for a long, technical pendulum cast (which is what the pros do so well)!

It’s more important to use your whole body and throw big and powerfully!

It has a distance that surpasses that of a lure rod…. (However, practice and familiarity are required.)

How about…, (A big long throw to the ocean!) A new world of fishing with a casting rod.

I strongly recommend it.

Models equipped with AR-C spool and light rotor!

If you customize the lever and reel stand with parts from Yumeya, you can make a reel specifically for lures.

Used in the world of sport casting, this casting rod has the best long throwing performance available today, far surpassing that of lure rods.

I hope that more people will understand the advantages of these elements and use them in their lure rods.

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