BlueSniper 103L PlugSpecial! Part 3

Spinning rod

Recently here …, I’ve been practicing plugcasting in Baitrill.

The blurring of the plug is subsiding little by little, and new discoveries are continuing about swinging.

(A world of fun and painful quests!) )

… But I still can’t do a full swing.

If the reason fails with the full swing … Practice interruption caused a terrible backlash.

In the worst case, it’s lure lost, and my heart may break and finish.

In that dilemma, it is a conversion of shipment.

In the actual fishing video of Mr. Yamaga Blanks’s product introduction -,

Obviously, there are several videos such as long casting of overweight middle plugs with spinning rods to cast.

【2021New】EARLY for Seabass 97MMH × シーバス・コノシロパターン攻略

A deca sea bass that hits that! Dynamic fishing unfolds.

(I’m practicing this fishing because I want to do it with bait tackle anyway!)

indeed… Spinning allows full swing training without fear of backlash.

Stuffed … You can concentrate on making a full swing without disturbing the flying posture of the plug and practice repeatedly.

The story is a little off and it’s finished …,

Compared to Yamagata Pro Anglers (Kazufuku Gunji and Toshihiro Fujikawa), plug cast is poor .

(Shameful! )

Because they are professionals who use bait tackle together and are ripe , it is natural to say that it is natural … , but it is something regrettable.

(If you want to be able to swing convincingly, I would like you to ask me your opinion about any cast!) )

Well! In order to improve, I have no choice but to throw down the horn plug on the rabbit, know its swing, and knock it into my body …,

Even if the plug rotates a little, there is no problem whether the flight posture is disturbed …, there is only practice.

Because the swing is wrong and the plug shake that is happening because it is immature (unfamiliar), there is no problem if you fix it and apply it to the bait cast.

Mr. Yamagata uses “Early for Seabass” and “Ballistic”…

What I’ve seen is

『BlueSniper 103L PlugSpecial』

A blue light concept rod using a lure of about 40 g.

Blues Sniper Light Concept Rod!

This is also a light model with a lure upper limit of about 40 g, but since it is “for blue”, the bat is strong, and “double foot guide” is adopted.

Is beginner trendy? It is dangerous to throw expensive big plugs (full swing) far with a single foot guide.

The double foot guide obviously has less line trouble.

Cast the medium-sized plug with “Light Line”, let it hook, and pull (the big man)! I think it’s perfect for!

The reel to match is Les Mahre 5000DHG,the strongest model of the Shimano lever brake reel, easy to use, high performance and cool!

Ci4+ rotor is a high spec of AR-C spool, handle 1 rotation 104 cm, drag is 11 kg, yumeya reel stand can be attached, it is fully compatible with lure fishing.

For a while, I plan to practice and catch with this tackle.

Even in Agenst , rough or in the dark night …, I’ll throw it down~!

It’s different than before… I’m excited to see a new world.

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