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Recently, under the influence of Fishman “Noriyuki Kanmiya”, “ZILLION TW HD” is liked and finished … Practice is only this.

(In sea fishing …, we are recognising the goodness of the spool diameter 36 mmΦ with all our might!) )

Yahoo! Shopping
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Yahoo! Shopping

36mm spool class, how to fly more?

by the way… You’re using Zillion and when you want a little more flying distance… How are you doing this?

I think most anglers use daiwa SLPW's "HLC spool".

RCS ベイトキャスティング HLCスプール│SLP WORKS

High-performance wide-charrows pool with lightweight, high-rigidity G1 duralumin.

Wide Shalrows Pool!

(PE1.5 No. 200m) wide shalow pool!

The Strongest ANTALES DC”EXSENSE DC (Kai)”

Of course, the choice that said so is also ant! But…,

I have another “reel to rely on”, so I’m using that one.

The reel is “EXSENSE DC XG (left)”of 37mmΦ spool (modified).


(The combination of EXSENSE DC andMGL Spool is the strongest!) ) 

(If it is a normal “ANTALES DC 3 brothers”, no model can win “EXSENSE DC (Kai)]!) )

There is tension! Four coated knits are ideal for baitrills.

(And… This guy has a final weapon called “XP mode” in the back of the way to get back.)

What is EXSENSE DC (Kai)?

First of all, I would like to explain Xsense DC (kai) (I personally named it without permission).

EXSENSE DC (kai) means “EXSENSE DC” that (partly) was replaced with parts for ANTALES DC in order to use “MGL Spool”.

The start that I thought I was going to do was that (to me) the normal“37 mmΦ width 19 mm spool” did not fit at all.

happiness…? The brother model “ANTALES DC HG” of the same body has“37mmΦ width 22mm “MGL spool” (although this is narrow spool).

I can’t miss the story for a moment, but…

(Narrow narrow spools with large moment of inertia are difficult to control.

(There are many other disadvantages)

Even though the spool of Exsense DC is even “Narrow Deep Spool”…

Weights close to the center of the spool are hard to affect rotation, but the farther away the weight is from the center … Affects rotation.

By the way, the spool weight of both models is …

ANTALES CD MGL Spool Weight 18.2g

EXSENSE DC S3D Spool Weight 18.8g


Because of the 19 mm narrow spool, the weight is increasing due to the metal surface of the upper part added instead of the spacer, even though the amount of winding has decreased.


I’ll get back to that.

Because it is a common body, if you simply replace only the "warm shaft" of the level winder, can you use the "MGL spool"? and flashing

Before that, I tried …,When I attached the “EXSENSE Tune Brake Unit” to “ANTALES DC”…

The peaky peculiar to ANTALES DC disappears, the trouble of pe line sharply decreases, and it changes to a very mild feeling of use.

(I used it in PE1.5 for a long time, so I was surprised at the size of the change … are! )

“With only the brake unit, will it change like this and finish it!”, it was really shocking ….

(When using pe lines with an Antales 3 brothers, we recommend using “Exposure Tune Brake Unit”!) )

For fresh water, “ANTALES DC” + “EXSENCE brake unit” is good as it is, but

Seawater and considering "winding speed"... are.

(Of course… Exsense DC (Kai) is super recommended because it can also be used for freshwater fishing! )

Worm shaft replacement

In the trial throw by ANTALES DC, the compatibility with “MGL Spool” was proved, so immediately replaced the worm shaft of “Exsense DC”.

If you try using it …, this is also as high-performance as you imagined!

I’ve done it! It is a moment when the amateur’s idea exceeded the original!

Amazing performance UP!

The flight distance and stability increase, and naturally … Backlash is also painful.

(P mode brakes can be used at the weakest! )

Indeed, EXSENSE DC and“MGL Spool” go well together! Was.

Stable PE line with 19mm wide narrow spool? Made to use,

The synergistic effect created by the high-performance “MGL spool” for “Exsense Tune Brake Unit” and Antales DC.

* The licensed brake unit …

Normal EXSENSE DC, then! I couldn’t do a full swing very much …, 

But EXSENSE DC (Kai) is easy, plus … It is thrown at the full swing also to Agenst.

By the diverting of completely normal parts, this tune is completed. (Something exhilarating!) )

Only Spool…

* The misfortune of the License Tune Brake Unit is among the Three Antales brothers (although it is a very harsh opinion …)” Originally the width with 22 mm was changed in shape and further narrowed, because it was equipped with a spool that is not very good], it can not demonstrate the original wonderful performance …, on the contrary it will say that it was spoiled and finished.

(Thank you, no one … I didn’t realize how wonderful it was! )

But… Are you glad you got that back?  Because in order to be able to use “narrow spool with a width of 19 mm”, the development of“excellent brake system” would have been an absolute requirement ….

Released from the shackles (spell) of the 19mm narrow spool, the “Exposure Tune Brake Unit” demonstrates the excellent ability that originally has! I did.

Very easy to prove.

Of course, the Extension DC, the Anthores DC and Anteres DC MD are equipped with an extension brake unit and compare the difference in performance (with the same body, same brake unit).

First of all, you will be surprised by the dramatic performance change of two Antales!

And… At the same time, which one is inferior in performance?Is obvious.

I think that you can understand that the clogging is that the performance of the spool (of the model) is low …。

Performance Ranking

As an aside …, the performance ranking of “Antales DC3 Brothers” that I think (without permission) is,

Spool performance

1. ANTALES DC (37mmΦ MGL Spool) 

2. ANTALES DC MD (38mmΦ S3D Spool)

3. EXSENSE DC (37mmΦ Width 19mm S3D Spool)

Brake system performance

1. EXSENSE DC (Exposure Tune Brake)
2. ANTALES DC (4×8DC brake)

I’m in. 

※ Clogging …, Exsense DC (Kai) is a good cousin “Antales DC” that goes further above the (normal) Antales DC3 brothers.

If you are able to cast the plug stably at the weakest of P mode …, please try“XP mode” next!

※ By lowering the range (range) of the brake to be used, [XP mode] that was easy to choose and practical will join your (cast) fishing options.

Exsense DC fans may have hated it … But only point spools are not suitable! I think that it is really useless.

What to do


(Custom to improve the performance of EXSENSE DC)

The only thing you can do is replace the “warm shaft” of EXSENSE DC with the one for Antales DC and install the “MGL Spool”!

Replacing the worm shaft You can easily change it if you ask a maintenance supplier of a baitryle other than the manufacturer.

This time main

The preface to this place is very long, I’m very sorry …

The main part of this story (the most I wanted to say) was about the “break-in” work of EXSENSE DC (kai).

It’s really long (pre-explanation)!!

So, I will explain briefly …

first time

Smooth and light retrieve and reduced spool rotation noise .

(Up to here is the same as ZILLION TW HD!) )


If the noise in the spool was chosen and quieted, and I thought that the retrieve was done lightly and smoothly one more step ...

Oh, my God! The amount of thread left in the spool after casting is less than ever?

In that, the brakes at the time of landing are a little weak ....

From there… For confirmation, I repeated the cast many times, and I was convinced.

I’m here! A signal to the end of the “break-in” .

Obviously a different change than before.

The strange thing is that even though the flight distance is different, the time around the spool is rough together .

Isn’t this a phenomenon that occurred because the “top speed of rotation” jumped up (in the same spool)?

It was a way of doing it for myself, but I am glad that I was finally able to demonstrate it.

The point that you should be especially careful about in break-in is not how to throw only with far throw, but “how to throw by raising the rotation of thespool”? 

 (In short… It is not to throw loosely with power, but to do a swing with such a sense of speed, bending the rod at the initial stage and shaking it off with a sharp (large) movement)

EXSENSE DC (kai) that was finally finished, but the question is … Remain.

The break-in ended in just two times because you've been throwing in quite a bit for a while?

Why does "Zillion TW HD" not change even if it is implemented for the fourth time?

Is that because of the difference in spools? Is it because of the difference in the braking system?

Is a mystery.

※ If you use too much, it will break and finish, so be careful and continue the GILLION TW HD.

Currently, we are making break-ins of “38mmMGL Spool” and “CALCUTTA CONQUEST DC 200HG”.

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